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I really like how everyone is generally open to other people. In other words, it's less cliquey than other schools, although it's not perfect. Administration could do a better job of caring about the concerns of their students, but it's not that big of a deal. Overall Mayo is a great school and I am happy to be a student there.
My experience at Mayo high school was really good. The teachers were mostly nice and caring. I met a lot of people and made some of my best friends. I couple things they could change would be, the food and to start at 8 am instead of 7:40 am. I also enjoyed my high school experience here because I had a lot of fun of the softball team. I met people who had the same interests as me and we had a good time.
Everyone at Mayo High School is very kind and accepting. The school is full of very diverse people and invites a competitive classroom setting. Overall my experience there has been very fun and engaging.
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Great support with some really caring teachers. Math department doesn't teach well at all. Worst part of mayo is the intensity for AP students to do all AP classes.
I personally loved mayo, the students that go there all have a different view of things and are always friendly and willing to help. You can find good friends and there are always people with the same interests. The staff are beyond amazing and will try to get you through highschool easily and with a bit of added fun.
My overall academic experience was great! But the social experience wasn't as good. I wish that people could learn to be nicer to each other and respect each other no matter what the other person looks like.
Diversity, high academic standards, many clubs and opportunities for extracurricular activities, good teachers. The administration and staff works with parents to ensure that the needs of all students are met.
I really enjoyed the friends I made and the rigorous coursework in the honors classes. My teachers were all very kind and most were very good teachers. I think that something they could improve on is the connection between the administration and the students. I believe that the teachers are very good at this but the administration didn’t seem to be part of the students life and didn’t help get student prepared for their future. They didn’t promote different option other than college such as trade school or vocational school or the military. They left the student figure out these options by themselves. I think they focused more on the student present education and not their future in education. Overall, they had a good spirit and comradery throughout the school but need to work on communicating between counselors and students.
I like the diversity and the overall environment, I would like to see more emphasis on student development
I went to this high school from my junior to my senior year. There were so many helpful teachers who cared about my well being and achedemic success. I felt accepted for who I was by the end of my senior year. It was easy to get along with everyone in this warm and friendly environment. I personally was involved in gymnastics, art club, key club, and french club. My favorite was the art club. The art tools were open to be used during club times which gave me the ability to learn how to throw clay on the clay wheel. I learned that it is okay for my art to not be perfect. It gave me a chance to start to accept myself for who I am as well with this thought. I don’t have to be perfect, I am not perfect, and that is okay. This school has given me stability in my life that wasn’t always there. I hope that future students who attend this school get involved as early as possible in clubs and sports. There is so much you can do and enjoy.
Mayo High School is a very welcoming and spirited school in the Rochester district. It has a lot of different opportunities for students looking to fit in to the new school environment. There are a lot of clubs and sports available to every kind of student. However, the issue of bullying should be further addressed. I know a lot of incidents of kids feeling left out because of the way they are and I think they should work to fix that!
I have had a great experience with many of my teachers, however our administration seems to struggle with pride and listening to students. Our administration is hesitant to have our school community take responsibility of issues we have. Additionally, in the past year our students have been very passionate about certain issues that disagree with administrative plans, such as dissolving a beloved class. In these cases, three specifically I can think of in the past year, our administration was not only dismissive of both teachers, parents, and students that respectively brought up counterpoints and created a petition (with over 3,000 signatures), they also have no reasoning as to why they would not reconsider.
Mayo is a great school with many teachers whose influence was life changing on me. I've had incredible teachers and poor ones, I've had fantastic classes and average ones. At the end of the day high school is high school and it'll never be perfect, but it was a safe and encouraging environment for me to spend three years (I transferred from Lourdes High School, NOT recommended).
Overall, I really like Mayo High School. I've met all of my closest friends there. The teachers always offer help outside of class which I think is really helpful and generous. Mayo is a safe learning environment for not only the teachers, but for the students too. Everyone is nice and there are always fun events going on. For example, we have a school event called GOFA where for two weeks we raise money for charities, but in fun ways. What I mean by that is we sell candy, desserts, objects for money that all goes towards GOFA. The main event in GOFA is a game called paranoia and is $5 to play. You get someone's name to eliminate and someone has your name to eliminate them from the game. My experience at Mayo has been life changing and I will never forget the experiences, friends, and all of the great memories I made.
One of my favorite and cheesiest things about Mayo High School is that the building is a circle, so it is almost impossible to get lost. As an athletic student, I believe that the teams here are fairly competitive and most teams work well together but some of the coachings are iffy. Besides the coaches, I really think the athletics here are highly inclusive and supportive. There is also a club here for pretty much everyone. Ranging from STEM Society to Bread Club (a club that seriously just meets on Friday mornings to eat bread-related food items), to Anime club, GSA, and Art Club. Personally, I have been involved in a few of the clubs mentioned, but I really feel that Mayo does an amazing job at meeting all the needs and desires of students. Mayo also does a great job of giving students the opportunity to prepare for college with AP classes, Honor classes, CIS (College In the Schools) classes, and even the opportunity to take classes at our local community college.
Mayo Senior High school provides many opportunities for academic success, including support programs and CTECH(local college facility.) Their administration may not be the best, but school spirit and choices of activities are plentiful.
The sports and extracurricular activities available are immense. Mayo has some sports most High Schools do not have. I.e. Alpine Skiing. However, Mayo High School is far from perfect. If you are not in an honors class, or AP class, you will not be prepped for college at all. Because of that I suffered my first semester of college and I had to learn how to survive in college by myself. The resources available were horrific. They used to have a math help room, but removed it my senior year. There was never a science help room, social studies help room and English help room. The only reason Mayo did not get one star for the "Resources" category is because there is a Foreign Languages help room. Administration was okay, but not the best. They did not do anything about office hall monitors overstepping their role. I once got my student ID taken from me and had to talk to the principle because my truck's tires accidentally screeched when I was exiting the parking lot.
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Mayo and the Rochester Published school district overall is very good. Everyone genuinely wants everyone to succeed in school and in life. I love my teachers, they are very real about the world, but know how to make you feel prepared for it. I would like to see a better funding for the arts. Mayo has and EXTAORDINARY theare program but the receive barely any funding. The whole lights system in the auditorium is completely out dated, but instead every penny goes to sporting events. While the sporting events does sell tickets, the theatre gets sold out.
Mayo High School has a very accepting school culture with caring teachers and many opportunities for every student.
Throughout my short career at Mayo High School I have experienced amazing things. Our school has numerous opportunities that accommodate for the diverse community within the school. These opportunities include sports, activities and a strong support system within the academic system. One last thing is that you can never be lost because after all it is just one huge circle.
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