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Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology Reviews

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This school is so good, everything about it is awesome. The teachers and faculty are great and the environment is spectacular.
I love Mayo high School so much! From the moment I came onto this campus I felt welcomed by all the staff and students. Now that I am a senior I'm the one who welcomes the freshmen in, to make them feel at home.
Mayo is a very nice school to go to. A very small size for those who don't like the larger class sizes, and the classes themselves are very academically challenging.
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I love Mayo High School for MST because the teachers prepare you for college and provide the materials that you need to succeed.
Mayo is a great school. It’s a loving, family environment. Everyone here know one another and speaks to one another. Safety is key in what we emphasize on a daily basis at Mayo. With the school motto “Hard Work Pays Off”shows how eagered we are to learn and be successful to the best of our ability. Mayo is fun, exciting and serves a great impact on students life of becoming a successful example of working hard to achieve your goals.
Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology is the place to be! As soon as you step on campus, you can feel the love that everyone has for each other. Everyone here is family. Our name may say that our main focus and strengths are mathematics, science, and technology, but on the contrary, our school is strong in ANYTHING we put our minds to. It’s a safe campus and we have a honor code. Seriously, we can leave our items sitting outside and come back with everything in tact! If you love small environments then this is the place to be. I know it may sound crazy, but I've never had someone take the time to get to know all of their students the way our principal does. In fact, our whole faculty and staff genuinely loves and cares about us. With me being a senior, I know that I couldn't have been more prepared. I will be going to college with college credits and extra knowledge of how to prepare for life thanks to programs that we have during school called "Phoenix Phocus".
Really the only thing that anyone can hold against Mayo is the food there. Aside from that, the teachers and staff there are all fantastic, as is the environment there. Everyone is friendly and there are lots of social activities like Field Day
Mayo High School is absolutely GREAT! My teachers have effectively prepared me for what is to come in the real world. I totally believe that college will be a breeze for me. Im happy that my school offers preforming arts organizations, such as symphonic band, because I get to truly explore my talents. Ive seen many talented, successful people come from Mayo High School.
As an incoming freshman I did not want to go to Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology. However, I am very glad my parents forced me. There I learned "Hard work, pays off!" our school motto. They prepared me for the nest step in my life, college. Mayo High School isn't just a school I attended. I built strong relationships with many students there, we are all a family at Mayo High School. Sometime I will forever be grateful for.
Choosing to attend Mayo High School for MST has been one of the best choices I have ever made in my entire life. I wake up happy to go to school. The teachers are amazing and are there to help you when you need it! We are more like a family than a class! It may be hard and you have to work hard to make good grades but it prepares you for college, and our school gets millions of dollars in scholarships every year! I'm so blessed to be able to attend this school!
Mayo High School is a school that is truly preparing visionary leaders for the future. With every student's success at heart, Mayo is the place to be if you want to meet new people, be challenged to never be satisfied, and learn the true meaning of service. I've spent 4 years here and these years have been filled with meaningful life lessons, victories,and friendships. I am so glad Mayo High School was a place I could call home.
A great school that cares about the students and staff. A great place to be.
Mayo has clubs that bring out the best of every student. There is something for every students. Mayo's clubs and organizations are what make Mayo feel like a second home to students. There i s a club or organization for every personality, and these clubs grow more and more each year. Awesome Class Night program for seniors.
I love it here, there are about 400 total students who attend this magnet school. Everyone knows each other and we truly are one big family. The teachers understand what you are going through and will do what ever they can to work with you in order for you to meet your full potential. Our principal works very hard to get scholarships for the seniors. We have a record breaking graduation rate and most of our students go to college after graduating.
Mayo is a great school. Theres no cliques or popular groups and not even once a year do we have a fight to break out. The teachers all care about you but push you in your class work. The opportunities are great, from AP classes, duel credit classes, phenix fame, internship, etc. Its also great going to such a small school. In each grade theres around 70-80 students so its like a family.
Mayo High School for Math, Science, and Technology is a wonderful High school, riddled with wonderful faculty, staff, and students! The current Principal, Arlene Wallace is a wonderful, caring woman, with a beautiful soul! She also has a heart of gold, and treats each and every student like one of her own. As for the students and staff, they're all helpful, nice, caring, and just all around awesome people! I wouldn't change a thing about this place!
I love Mayo and am extremely proud of my school. I am also extremely proud that I am a student there as well. The teachers are great and they are always going the extra mile to make sure you get the curriculum and by the end of your senior year you are very prepared for college.
This school is very diverse but can come together
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They offer a variety of extracurriculars
The parents are very supportive
The teachers are great and care about each student
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