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Maynard Holbrook Jackson High School Reviews

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It's an okay school. I can't say I'm happy or mad to attend. They care about their students to an extent and only seem to award and pay attention to students whom are sub par and act as if they are not at school to learn, but to have fun. And students who actually act "correctly" are pushed to the side. I understand this to some extent, but I also believe that there is only so much you can do for a student. Like a wise person once said "You can bring a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink".
I love our building layout, you could get lost in it. We have a variety of college prep classes and pathways available such as: Early College, AP and IB. I myself happen to be a former Early College AP student. All three boost your grade by 10 points as long as you pass. The only downsides to the school is bad food and having to wear uniform everyday. We have some jean dyas, but you have to pay for it. Why should I have to pay to wear my own clothes?
Maynard Jackson provides many quality options such as IB, AP, and dual enrollment. There are some teachers that will make your experience worthwhile and some that are completely checked out.
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I really like Maynard Jackson. When i cam to this school i was a trouble child, but somehow this school as changed me. I participate in dance,jrotc,theatre, and chorus. What i would like for this school to change is that they can give money to the fine arts program. It would help alot.
My time at Maynard Holbroook Jackson High School was truly great experience they provided many great opportunities for me to get experience for my major in college which is computer science , it helped me get a head start we my career and goal I’m trying to achieve. what i would like to see change is The teachers helping the students when they really need it.
Maynard Jackson is a school with a lot of school spirits. Maynard Jackson offers many opportunities for students learning and activities. For example, Maynard Jackson has dual enrollment, IB diploma, AP courses, and Honors.
I went on to Maynard formally known as Southside Comprehensive High in the Magnet Program. I had fond memories of this school and great friends and the teachers went out there way to make sure their students succeed.
The administrators and teachers of Maynard Jackson High school provided a safe environment, where students can feel protected and comfortable in the classrooms. I loved that this school taught me how to strive for succcess .
Increase students events and parents involvement. Focus on more workforce ready programs and assist students with summer opportunities
This high school is amazing. They ensure that all students are on the best track to having a successful 4 years , in order to prepare them for college and the future.
the teachers are average they need to inprove on checking students book bags. it is easy to sneak certain items i. i be seeing students smoking in the bathroom and playing the dice gambling game. the teachers overall are mostly kind and teach but i heard a rumor that a teacher had sex with a student before
My school is very interactive and cares about its students. The administration would like to see their students succeed in every way possible. Whether it be from academics, to sports, and also just being you. What I would like to see change is the academic programs, I would like to see more students get recommended for AP, and IB courses. Even though some people aren't ready, the sky isn't the limit. Shoot as high as you can go and keep going!
I like the increasing diversity within our school. I also appreciate the wide variety of arts and sports offered to the students. It really allows all students to go along any path they chose for their career. I would say for improvement, there is a lack of communication ahead of time. There are lots of emails to the parents but only the day of the event or etc. instead be a couple days before.
Maynard has to be a safe school for others. These things are bad for children and I think the school should have better teachers.
At maynard Holbrook Jackson Highschool their are multiple programs that may spark your interest. From the multilingual programs such as Japanese, spanish, french, chinese, and russian to the computer department for the students that are techno-savy and plan on being a computer designer/engineer.
Well while being at this school I was able to do the duel enrollment program and earn college credits.
I like that my school is open to change and new opportunities. I think the school pushes students to succeed and to be college bound. We have also established more academic programs, such as IB and AP classes, which I currently take those closes. I would like to see better organization and improvement on behavior.
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Maynard Jackson has an outstanding dance program, and fine arts department all around. The academics are subpar, but the learning environment is not always joyous.
It is a very good school. It has a great look and the teachers and administration prepare the students for a bright and clear future
I Like the different activities and things that we had. The classes are very diverse and the teachers are effective. The behavior of the students could emprove
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