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I had excellent, experienced teachers who cared a lot about all of their students. There are a lot of after-school activities available.
Very good school. Not many people of color and the food is garbage. The teachers don’t really care about you and most seem disinterested. The classes offered are good but there should definitely be more.
Maynard High School has always been an incredibly close-knit community with many opportunities in a variety of activities. Academically, the classes range in difficulty. Overall, a quality education is attainable if the student puts in the work.
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Honestly, this school is what you make of it. It has lots of opportunities, but they are only worth it if you really commit and are passionate.
There are many extracurriculars at Maynard. We have a writing club, a GSA, a theatre program, a Mock Trial team, a Green Committee, a Peer Leaders group, band, chorus, Jazz band, wind ensemble, a student-run a capella group, the WAVM radio/tv station, and more. The clubs are nearly all very well-managed and it is very easy for a student to start a new club since so many teachers are willing to be an adviser. The musical groups are all really fun and pretty good. Also, most of the school is involved in some way. The band and chorus alternate between competing in either DC and Disney every two years and those trips are a blast. The radio station is almost entirely student run and is very successful. Overall extracurriculars are great. Even if they don't always come in first place competitively, they are worthwhile activities that students and teachers alike dedicate a lot of time to where you can make long lasting friends.
Maynard doesn't have all of the advantages of a larger school but its small size offers benefits that would not be had elsewhere. We are a close and tight knit community with a strong sense of school spirit. The music program is thriving, the football team is promising, the softball team is up and coming, and all of the other clubs are run with a true sense of purpose.
As with any school, there are great teachers and not so great ones. Nearly all of my experiences have been very positive however, because even if a teacher wasn't of a particularly high caliber, they are always approachable, friendly, and willing to help. The teachers at Maynard truly care about their students.
Small town feel. Everyone knows everyone and lots of fun little traditions
Most teachers are good. Some are old and don't want to teach others really want to help.
For the most part, the academics here are really good, even too difficult at times.
I love how much variety comes with the extracurriculars! There's something for everyone that wants to get involved, and if they don't have it, students can make it! There's the Young Democrats, Young Republicans, Mock Trial, Play/Theatre, Chorus, Band, Acapella, Green Committee, Peer Leaders, Baking Club, Young Authors, Anime Club, WAVM, NHS, SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance), Student Government, Best Buddies, Bowling Club and a lot more.
I would definitely go to this school again if I could do it all over, because for the most part, the teachers care about every student that comes their way and are willing to help them if they need it. it may not be some big expensive private school, but that doesn't mean it doesn't give the students a good education. If the student is willing to try in their classes, then they'll succeed.
A lot of the teachers here are really good with helping students when they need it, and most of them seem to know what their doing, or at least have a good basis of knowledge for their subject. Although some of their teaching methods may be a little odd, they somehow work to ensure that students remember the information.
The workload can get stressful at times. Some teachers give a lot of homework a night.
We have assemblies sometimes to raise awareness about health issues.
Teachers are very helpful and stay after school to help students if they need it.
There are a variety of clubs at the school. If there isn't a club that a student is interested in, then they can make one.
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The school is very safe and healthy. the nurse really cares about your well being
The parents here genuinely care about the success of all children.
The teachers are good, but sometimes they just talk too much instead of actually teaching the info.
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