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A lot of the staff is very biased. They’ll punish one student for something, and let another get away with it because they’re family. If a student comes to them for help with a problem, they will blame the student, saying they brought the problem on themselves.
We have a few clubs but they're kinda faded. Some are nice to be in and others are just meh
I like some of the people at this school and I have a great time with them plus a few teachers are my friends. This school just let so much stuff slide through that should've been handled differently.
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Some care and try their best but most don't even care.
We have a variety of different classes we can take. The best options would be our AP classes. We can take these classes for concurrent credit to get a head start on college. Those are probably the most popular classes, too. We don't have any special study options. We just do it all on our own. We have CAP Advisers that help us with our scheduling each year and tell us what classes we need to be taking.
I feel very safe at my school, but we live in a small town and everybody knows everybody. The school doesn't have a lot of security at all, but there aren't any dangers to the students. There is very little bullying. I think it would be better to have another school nurse on the high school campus, considering ours is in the office and the other nurse is down at the elementary. They are both not always available.
Our school buildings are in decent shape. Technology is pretty good. We have a lot of AP class options to prepare us for college and there are lots of opportunities to attend tutoring.
Everything that is served is very limited and very healthy. The only other option we have other than a tray is a salad. We never feel satisfied. Unless, we bring our lunch.
The dress code is pretty strict, sometimes a little ridiculous. The attendance is always counted and they are fairly strict on that. We have to keep up with our absences and do have consequences, when it comes to missing days. If we miss more than a certain amount of days, we are required to take the semester tests, depending on the grade in that class.
We have quite a few options when it comes to clubs. Like, FCCLA, FCA, Beta, Art, Music, etc. Most of the clubs don't do a whole lot though. They don't do a lot of things outside of school other than some clubs do competitions and such. We do get support from our club advisers and they do a good job of helping us when we need it. Our clubs are usually pretty successful.
The teachers at our school are really nice and friendly and a lot of them will go out of their way just to make sure a student is getting things accomplished. However, I sometimes feel like we aren't getting the education we really need. It seems pretty easy to pass a class here. It seems like other schools get better education than we do.
We have basketball, softball/baseball, track/cross country, and a spirit team. Most of our support comes from the parents of the teammates, but it isn't just great. We could have a lot more school spirit than what we do. Our weight room is not in good condition and we don't use it much at all. Softball and baseball share one field. Most of our sports teams are pretty decent, but we don't have a lot of size and as many opportunities as other schools do.
They don't give very much and the food taste terrible.
I think that it really takes self-motivation to be able to have successful educational outcomes/
I like how this school is semi cliquey but also how the teachers are always encouraging more education and support.
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