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Mayflower High School is an extremely small school. This gives students the advantage to have the oppurtunity to have one on one tudoring with a teacher during classtime. One thing that I would change - or at least attempt to change - would be the funding. Money does not go to the areas that it is needed, such as books and computers, or even student safety for that matter, but instead to sporting events and school board members.
I came to Mayflower High School my senior year. I came in not knowing what to expect. I have enjoyed most of my time here. I would recommend it!
My experience here has been pretty good. I've made good relationships with my friends and teachers and learned things I'll take with me in the future.
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Our teachers are not well paid so the good ones leave and follow better paying jobs. This means we end up having new teachers that just graduated. This sometimes works out great but for the most part we get the short end of the stick. I love my school but feel it could be better. We are not well prepared for taking the ACT or for college classes. Need more class options especially ACT prep classes. Students need to hear early on the opportunities for taking on line college courses and the requirements for taking these courses. I do feel our school tries hard to keep us safe and will continue to change processes when needed.
I like that we are so small that we get to know our teachers on a personal level!! I would like to see a new building be built for all of the students that attend Mayflower High School.
The teachers and administrators really care about their students. Most of my teachers know me on a personal level and take an active interest in my wellbeing even years after I've left their class.
My school is very small. there is no such thing as a secret. the teacher are friendly but do not do there jobs which to me is bad. i want to learn like other schools who have better opportunities.
The clubs and organizations at the school give us a great variety to choose from. The commitment of the sponsors for the clubs is wonderful.
The experience at this school has been great. Being able to have teachers be willing to help you personally has helped my experience of school become one of the best I have had.
Teachers show interest in students and have great communication skills to teach the entire class.
Mayflower is a school that is not too full ok cliques but it is definitely a sports oriented school. Not all of the teachers care about the students, and there is a lot of drama between faculty and staff. They don't screen their staff very well and nothing is very constant. The rules are ridiculous and not made to follow by every one especially teachers. I firmly believe that if the students can't wear revealing clothing then the teachers should not be allowed to either. Education should be about just that, education. Not a popularity contest or singling students out. Singling students out just creates an environment for kids that subjects them to more bullying by students and teachers, as well as things such as school shootings, or negligence which could cause students to want revenge and create an unsafe environment for students. Equality should be in schools as well as the work place. After all isn't school preparing us for the real world and a workplace?
The school itself is okay, the only thing is if you are new to the area it is hard to make friends.
The teachers are the real draw to Mayflower. There are teachers there that have been there for a very long time, and for good reason. One American History teacher in particular, is everyone's favorite. She is the absolute nicest, most perfect lady you will ever meet. There are several other teachers there that will have a huge impact on you. The higher course math teacher, AP English teacher, and the Chemistry teacher are unforgettable characters and great people, as well as teachers. They truly care about you and your future, and these teachers have a mutual respect and understanding with students who do their job. The faculty is also great! From the coaches, lunch ladies, custodians, secretary, everyone. The people at Mayflower are just GREAT. It's the select few students that can ruin what Mayflower really is. Overall, Mayflower is a great school with the best faculty around.
The guidance counselor is never available when she is needed. The principal is a very hard working man, and tries his best to get thingd done, though that isn't always the case. The office staff is nice, but the secratary is always way too busy to deal with anything that comes up- she has too many job duties.
The Advanced Placement teachers care so much more about the students, whereas the regular teachers do not. The schedules are made by the counselor, and the students usually cannot pick what classes they want, the counselor just assigns the students to classes they need to graduate. There are no special study options, unless the teacher allows students to come into their room during lunch to work/study. that is not many teachers, though.
If you do not start out in a sport in Junior High, you're more than likely not going to be accepted on the team.
Like in most schools, you have a few teachers who really want you to "get it". While others hated being at school as much as we did.
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I felt safe at school. We knew the teachers well enough to go to them when we had a problem.
It is a small school, so you know everyone.
Food was ok. I brought my lunch most days.
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