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I love Mayfield and all it has to offer. I would never trade my high school experience for the world and I owe it to all of the amazing teachers and all of the amazing students. I have truly grown as a person here and would highly encourage checking it out.
Mayfield Senior School has been a wonderful school for my daughter. Beautiful campus with caring, concerned teachers and administrators. The headmaster is a wonderful woman who really cares about her students and their education.
Mayfield Senior School is an amazing school. My only criticism is that it's somewhat conservative for my taste. Furthermore, the student body is homogeneous with regard to socio-economic status, definitely due to the extremely expensive tuition.
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The academic challenge allowed me to be prepared for the college course work and maintain great study habits throughout the year. Mayfield was huge on allowing students to seek opportunities and allowing students to try new things whether it be a sport, an art of a different class. I would definitely advise mayfield to broaden their diversity and be more inclusive of students from different backgrounds. Though diversity has risen over the years, there is always room for improvement. Some classes could definitely be taught differently and with less bias.
Mayfield is working to fix the lack of diversity and this year has pushed for conversation about what diversity is and how to hold effective communication when discussing difficult topics. The girls are vibrant and hard working, but are always up for a good laugh. The teachers push for in depth classroom discussion and are supportive of students. You really have a lot of opportunity and resource at Mayfield that prepares you for college.
Posses a nurturing environment that helps foster self-study and education. The arts are highly encouraged and aids in fostering a sense of community.
My experience at Mayfield has been awesome! I️ love it so much and I️ really recommend it. The facilities are new, clean and have new technology. Mayfield also prepares students to go to great colleges, and also do well.
Mayfield was a place that allowed me to grow as a student and person in general. Even though I came in as a shy freshman, by senior year i was heavily involved in Mayfield's extra curricular activities. The teachers are dedicated to their students.
I love Mayfield Senior School! I have enjoyed going there the past three years, and I cannot wait to start my senior year! The community surrounding the school is incredible, and I have really enjoyed the atmosphere being at an all girl's school presents. One small setback is the lack of APs presented (I would appreciate World History and Psychology), but seeing as it is such a small school, it's understandable.
Wonderful high school experience. Fantastic teachers, lovely students, beautiful campus, great events. The spirit of the school comes alive when you step on campus and see the students reaching their dreams.
Amazing experience... even as a minority I felt comfortable and confident. The small class size and academic climate Allows each student to pursue and explore their interests and allow their voices and opinions to be heard. Hope my daughters attend one day.
My experience at Mayfield Senior School has been exceptional. Going to an all girls private institution like Mayfield has allowed me to gain confidence in my academics. The faculty to student ratio has benefited me as I have been able to form relationships with teachers as well as share my insights more frequently with classmates in contrast to a large classroom setting.
Mayfield is a wonderful school! Mayfield not only provides a wide range of athletics and conservatories, but also provides opportunities for service and courses that prepare you for the future. The faculty and staff treat the students and parents with care, as if they are family. Safety is not an issue at Mayfield, for there is a security guard at the gate who takes his/her job seriously and works to help keep the campus safe. Teachers make themselves available for students who need extra help, but there are also peer tutors. The college counselors are always around to lend a helping hand, wether it be teaching you how to properly mail a letter, give you a "pep talk", how to apply for scholarships, and much more! Mayfield provides many resources for help if one seeks them. The sense of community is outstanding and everyone looks out for each other constantly. Mayfield is a place of opportunity.
Mayfield is a challenging academic environment with lots of extras. The arts programs are fantastic (vocal, instrumental, visual arts, dance). The varsity sports are robust enough to make CIF, but girls are encouaged to try new sports and not pressured as much in JV.
I have had a wonderful high school experience at Mayfield Senior School! It is academically rigorous, but the teachers do an exceptional job of accommodating each students personal needs. The girls are lovely and always willing to go out of their way to help their fellow classmates.
The nurse knows exactly what she is doing, and we have security early in the morning til late after school.
Our arts conservatories are pretty great with good teachers, we are well noted for our women's ensemble
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Challenged me to a different level and was well worth it
Loved my experience at this school, the community is great. Plus the school feels and looks like home
Their is security system on campus as well as security guards who are always present. The gate system to enter and exit Mayfield also ensures safety, I have always felt safe.
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