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Mayfield Middle School Reviews

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I Love how everyone grew up together then graduated 5th grade and went and did 6th grade together too. This school has the best teachers I've ever met. One teacher helped me through a hard time and helped me get back on track. It was hard work but I came out on top in the end. THAK YOU TEACHERS OF MAYFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!
I was a 6th-grade student there for just one year but I really loved it. It really made an impact on my life. All the teacher, students, and the staff there was super nice and I learned a lot. All the other sport and other activities were so much fun and the learning was super engaging. After I learned that I had to move, I was super sad and thought and still think no school would match up to Mayfield Middle school's way of learning.
My son doesn't participate in these programs but I have seen a lot offered.
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My son loves ski club and there are so many parents involved, its great!
First try at the middle school and I couldn't be more pleased. My son loves going to school and the teachers get him so engaged. He is actually excited to do the work. And with a 3.8 GPA it shows!
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