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Mayfield Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I personally have loved my experience at Mayfield High School. It is a small school so it is easy to get to know your teachers and staff all around. I enjoy the small class sizes it ensures that we all have a chance to ask the questions we want to ask.
Mayfield is generally pretty nice. The people are personable and charismatic -- there are a lot of drama club kids. Lots of extroverts. Lots of singing.
Mayfield HS is the best school in the state! The teachers are generous and super helpful. The HS is located in a great area too. Overall, I have had a great highschool expirence.
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I love my school even though it is pretty small
Not great at all. You will always have a few amazing teachers! The majority of them don't know what they teach at all.
People are very vocal! A little too much.
The nurse sucks, for the few times Ive been there they always assume you do drugs or are pregnant. I had a stomach bug and they kept insisting I was pregnant even though I had never even had a boyfriend by that time. They basically just call your parents and wait for them to come and take to a real doctor.
I swear the security guards do drugs because they seem to be buddy buddy with all the drug dealers they seem to never get in trouble. You can get in trouble for hugging because "it makes the teachers feel uncomfortable"
They changed everything since I graduated. They have 8 classes all year long when it used to be 4 a semester. Teachers suck, they don't know anything in the field they teach. Hardly any hw. No studying areas. Librarians are evil! the only popular classes are those teachers who give no hw and watch movies every week.
Only a few ( around 3) actually go to really good colleges. And only handful actually go to college. Of those, only a smaller handful go into actual jobs that pay good.
If you are not in football or basketball, don't be surprised if you get no appreciation.
if you are looking for help in terms of resources and scholarships, etc. This is not your school. You have to fight the administration if you want anything done. I would have to bring in my parents if they would not get anything done or told me to bad. Do ever rely on any counselor they are very unreliable. I've lost out on so many applications because they were to busy or forgot to fill out the forms for their part even though they tell you they will get it done right away.
The school cafeteria is old and dominated by gangsters. If one passes you in line just let It go. Some look very scary and evil, you don't want any trouble. I would recommend the cafeteria if you get free lunches. The carts are ok but they never have anything new but the burritos that have 5 pieces of meat in them.
If you like sports and could not care much for educational improvement then go here. Granted I did improve my education by a lot but you have to do it on your own there's no one there to push you or encourage it. Every time I tried to start a STEM club (Science Tech Eng. Math) I would get turned down because no teacher wanted to take just a few minutes out of their day to be an advisor. The teachers are a whole new story. Half of them have no idea what they're doing! I asked my chemistry teacher a question ( Not to Hard at all) I just wanted some clarification. Do you know what she did? She looked it up on google and just told me that answer. As you can tell it wasn't a great experience for me. Don't get me wrong I did very good in high school, graduated in the top 5% and I had 21credits of college already done before I graduated. Just be prepared to learn and excel on your own.
The teachers are caring and thorough.
Everything is great.
The teachers really help you out
Students can't wear tank tops or really short shorts but that is pretty normal
No one really enforces it too much
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The teachers really get you ready for college starting around grade 10
There is very little peer pressure. People respect your choices
Could use some more funding to improve the quality of the sports
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