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We have been at Mayfield Junior School for almost 6 years and we are very pleased with the education our children are receiving. The lower school program is amazing. It is a developmentally appropriate program with emphasis on the education of the entire child. Academics along with music, art, athletics, character, and technology are all emphasized and valued. The middle school program is focused on the development of independence and self advocacy skills. While I do wish the middle school program was more closely monitored for consistency of philosophy from all of the teachers; as one reviewer mentioned, no school is perfect and my issues have in no way impacted the overall education our children are receiving. We are confident that when our children complete MJS they will be prepared academically and also prepared to be compassionate, thoughtful, confident members of society. We feel our children are learning life skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.
For the cost, not the best education. I felt that it was not very Catholic in practice, despite being a Catholic school.
Mayfield has a very rough sports program. They instill unsportsmanlike values in kids. Many times our kids have been intentionally hurt by Mayfield kids while competing in soccer, football, and even in track (where they were tripped). Not a good school if you value good sports values.
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Whenever there is an issue of bullying or safety it has always been dealt with swiftly and I feel very good about the policies and procedures that are in place. The school is very safe and completely closed off to public.
The school is pretty secure, you would have to jump fences to gain access, it is closed and secure. I do wish there was on campus security and the there is a full time school nurse. There are not dangerous places on campus and I don't worry when I drop off.
MJS is chalk full of extras: philanthropy, sports, clubs, scouts, debate, science fair, choir, and plenty of social events for the parents too. Most everything doesn't involve a large commitment, usually a couple times a week max.
Overall K-8, it is the best well rounded school in the area. Nothing is perfect, I wish administration was more approachable, I wish we could have more control over evaluating teachers each year, but I'm nit picking. The school is very very good and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a private school education and private school experience to consider MJS. It is much like trying to rate a fine German sports car, there is not too much wrong with it, but sometimes you wish it had a feature you don't have, and the only thing better might be a fine Italian sports car, but that comes with a whole other set of issues and costs. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose the same school every time.
Most of the teachers and staff are friendly and go out of their way. I gave it 4 stars, but I write this from the point of view that I don't necessarily see 5 stars as a positive thing for my children. I look for well roundedness and MJS provides this. There are a few teachers that don't fall into this category, but over all in 9 years we have had only a few teacher issues.
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