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I liked how teachers helped the students if they needed it the teachers would be there. I wouldn't like to see anything change
They allowed me the opportunity to extend my knowledge beyond the typical high school setting which allowed me to get somewhat of a head start on my life after high school.
Most people that have heard of Mayfield know that we are known for our outstanding football program. But that's not all Mayfield has to bring to the table. They excel in academics each year. And the Mayfield High School Band always makes it to the final rounds, whether they win or not. Along with Pride and Tradition, Mayfield loves to focus on Excellence.. On and off the field.
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As long as you're very involved while attending Mayfield High School, you'll have experiences you'll never forget. From football games, to prom, to the enrichment trips, Mayfield always has something for students to do.
Very few of the teachers at Mayfield High School don't go above and beyond for their students. At Mayfield, pride, tradition, and excellence doesn't only show in the students, but the faculty and staff, as well. The teachers amazed me with how much they were willing to give just to see their students thrive; whether it was time out of school, their own money, or just simply listening to the students when needed. The teachers made my high school experience unforgettable. They, like Mayfield High School in general, are the best!
I have been in Mayfield High school since 9th grade and I absolutely love it! I moved to Caldwell part of my Junior year and it just wasn't the same so i had to move back here.
There are many sports and clubs that the student body can be involved in.

Popular clubs include:


Sportsmen's Club.

Popular sports:

Many students do participate in drinking and drug use on the weekends. Despite this fact, most of these students do not attend school while they are drunk or high, so it does not interfere with the educational environment.

Since I have attended there has never been any reason to feel unsafe.

The nurse is not always available, but someone with training will be.
Most teachers are wonderful, but it is the few who are not so wonderful that lower my vote to 3/5. Most teachers, however, show incredible knowledge in their subject area and are passionate about what they teach. Also, must teachers are alumni, so the close-knit community of Mayfield High School continues to grow with the practices and traditions that have been exercised throughout the years.
Because of the small student body, if a student wants to participate in a team sport he/she can. The fans care about the success of most programs, and many parents attend the games as well. There are not many fitness programs, but there is an athletic facility that is open mainly to student athletes, but with the right permission most anyone is able to go and workout.
The office staff as well as all administrators are excellent and do their best to restrict the amount of incorrect behavior as soon as possible, to the best of their abilities.

Bullying is not often an issue, but if brought to the attention of the administration it is swiftly handled.

The dress code has recently become less strict, but is still restricting enough to condone a positive educational environment.
The teachers are willing to work around their own schedule as well as our schedule to receive before or after school tutoring.
There is atleast one AP course offered in every core class. There are not very many clubs to choose from but the ones that are available are extremely active in what they do.
most of the students walk to school, very few buses. Guidance counselor is extremely involved with the students' academic futures, especially the seniors. She does whatever it takes to find some useful information for the seniors and has individual meetings with them about their future and college plans.
Our football team has been to the State Championship game the past 6 times and won 3 of them. our other sports are average except for softball. There is a lack of girls that want to play softball so middle school players are brought over to play varsity.
the sports are awesome and the school is good about helping you
It's great, but could get better. But, I believe the main issue is the Michelle Obama program changes.
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Better than most, however, still have teachers pets that are favored and get most everything. But what's worst, a handful of these educators actual encourage the issues, some know what they are doing and some don't. Resources are available to all.
As good or better than any other high school.
For the most part, the school is well taken care of. It definitely needs an air unit in the gym, and storage space seems short. I believe they should probably do something about the entrance area for security to receptionist with all the shootings now a day.
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