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I think mayfield high school is a decent school with good potential but not quite enough credential to fully prepare students for college. I do admit it is a very fun school it’s nice to have a lot of clubs and activities for everyone to fit into what they like and feel like they fit in. I enjoy being a student at mayfield high school however I wish we had more ace demon resources for AP kids as much as we have assets for athletics. I also feel we severely need a remodel like las cruces high. Even centennial high school is very elegant in looks which brings in more students and unfortunately mayfields population and educational means to the students are decreasing. Though if I had a choice to go to another school I would still pick mayfield.
I like my friends and teachers at mayfield high school. It was a good school to go to and it had many clubs and sports that I was able to join. I would change the safety at mayfield. However they are making steps to better the safety. The environment was very welcoming and it felt good to go to that school.
What I liked about Mayfield High school is, you have a little more freedom. You can sign up for many clubs also do community service. The one thing I’d like to see change is that the students will be more into the school spirit and what to do more of the school events.
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My experience at Mayfield High School has been bittersweet. I have gone through various ups and downs throughout my four years, but I was always able to rely on my teachers and classmates to get me back on track. Mayfield is very diverse. We have various activities ranging from sports, to performing arts, to specific clubs and organizations. There is literally a club for every interest and/or belief that a student may have. All-in-all, Mayfield High School has been a decent experience for me, and I would recommend going to Mayfield for future students.
Loved everything over all. I wish the computers would be replaced with updated models. I loved my teachers and the subjects that were offered. I had wished for a darkroom photography class but MHS doesnt have a facility to do so. Lunch menu could be improved.
its okish.... the people who go there are very unintelligent and immature, they are almost all drama queens! but the teachers are great, they are always willing to help u if u need it! which is pretty awesome. overall its a pretty good place if u dont mind your peers
At Mayfield I enjoyed the fact that every teacher i have had since my journey at this school has had one goal, to improve and excel the minds of students. The only thing i believe could have made this school excellent is atmosphere of excitement and involvement of students.
It was a wonderful experience, the truth is that it is a very good school and if you need help they help you and they help you in everything you need, if you need tutorials, they help you, I had difficulties to precalculate and they helped me and now I graduated on May 19 of this year.
MHS is a good school with lots of opportunities and areas for students to pursue. There are a lot of great programs from sports to academics, but they lack on college preparation for students.
I like the teachers. The ones I’ve had over the years make it prominent that they want you to succeed and they’re willing to help you. The cutting down on teachers that the school board admin does needs to stop though. They’re what keep the school going.
I enjoyed that there were many opportunities for me to get involved and pursue what I wanted to while attending this school.
What I liked about Mayfield was the tradition, and the history of the school. I really enjoyed the Rivalry with the neighboring school. I really enjoyed the getting to know some of the really amazing and inspiring educators that the school has. The only thing I dislike is the morning traffic coming into the school, it just seemed unorganized.
I loved attending Mayfield High School. The teachers there are very helpful. I think the only thing that needs to be changed is that the school needs to focus more on academics and less on sports.
It’s a really good school but it lacks the school spirit. The old student government teacher is bringing it down with her negativity while we in student gov are trying to bring it back up
The teachers here are super helpful on getting us ready for college and our future. They make sure that we have all the learning needs to graduate. I would like to see changed it the building itself. Its getting old but has a lot if history.
My experience at Mayfield High School has been average. My school supports sports all the way but forgets about clubs. College readiness is average, representatives come to answer questions students may have so I do like that part.
So far at mayfield I have experienced a great student body. Yes, everyone has their own social groups but when it comes to being a school( assemblies, sports, academics, etc) we all come together has a family.
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I loved my experience at Mayfield High School. Being involved in cheerleading and honors society as well as the Fellowship for Christian Athletes all made a huge impact on me as a person and my high school experience overall. The best part about attending this school was the Mayfield vs. Cruces rivalry. The second biggest rivalry in the nation was amazing to be apart of and I loved every second of attending this school.
Great Tradition! We hold one of the biggest revelries in the country! We have great class spirit. Helpful teacher and positive atmosphere. Great academics, sports, clubs. Uplifting surroundings. We stay very close to tradition so once a Trojan, always a Trojan!
What I love about this High School is we were honestly all really close and it was a a school family. All teachers got along and were willing to work with anybody. Anybody can participate in anything and no one would feel left out. This school has helped me and showed me that i am ready for the next level and has kept me prepared. The sports are amazing helping me with important choices and my team gave me a second family who I could go to anyone for help.
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