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When I moved to the Mayfield district in 2nd grade from previously attending private school, I was incredibly impressed with the opportunity at this public school. As a student labeled gifted, I was set on an honors track in Mayfield that, at the high school, has allowed me to take many AP classes. I believe these classes have well prepared me for college and give. The teachers at Mayfield High School have been incredible. I truly cannot imagine a better set of caring individuals. Most of the administrators are very young and are innovative at finding fun ways to convey the material.
I feel as though Mayfield made me a well-rounded person. I was academically challenged through AP courses, most of my teachers were extremely helpful and knowledgeable in their material, and there were always opportunities to join clubs/extracurriculars.
Offered a lot of Advanced Placement classes and honors classes for students who wanted to excel. Renovations and changes in curriculum since I graduated definitely shows the school's commitment to trying out new approaches to education.
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Mayfield High School has a lot to offer from clubs to Excel Tecc and much more. the education system is good. The teachers are good too and they're able to connect with the students but there are some teachers that are not good. Money is spent some what wisely but it isn't, the food is all from GFS and it applauds me that all the food is frozen and can't be made fresh. Most of the money is spent on the sports or other things where money doesn't need to be spent. Communication is very poor and the teachers are very opinion spoken about mostly politics or their personal life which is irrelevant and inappropriate. The school is run on popularity is what most students want and with sports or clubs, plays, etc most of the decisions that go into placing students in those things is based on popularity which is wrong. But the school's principal is amazing and getting students involved with activities or clubs or volunteer work is effective. Overall the school is a good school.
Mayfield is an amazing school district to be apart of. It is one big happy family. I'm grateful to have the best teachers and administration that have helped me grow as a person and always been there to answer my questions and push me to my fullest. We have so many different class options. Everyone is accomodated.
The teachers and other faculty members at Mayfield High School really care about their students and their success. You will see that there are many clubs and activities you can take part in. Whether you have a passion for sports, education, or music you will find that the entire district and more specifically the high school is extremely supportive. They stress the importance of acceptance of not only yourself but those around you as well which is very important nowadays.
Mayfield High School has taught me a lot the past four years. It has taught me to push myself even when I feel like it's impossible and I have learned if I deeply want something, it is possible. I will not have a teacher by my side throughout college pushing me to do my work, I have to push myself because it is for my own sake and my future.
I like the wide variety of school clubs. I would change the interaction of teachers outside of the designated classroom. I feel this would create an environment that promotes deep learning.
The school is too crowded for me. I work better in a smaller environment with less people. Other than that, Mayfield High School is a great school to attend.
Great teachers, incredibly diverse student body, and a wide range of extracurriculars to choose from. High school really is what you make it, and Mayfield offers a lot of opportunities for its students to make the most of their high school experience!
Most teachers are very helpful and truly care for the students. They save time before and after school to offer extra help for students who need it. Also, many different classes are offered with different levels of difficulty so students can challenge themselves. This is very beneficial because everyone learns at a different pace.
Teachers explain concepts clearly and thoroughly, challenging classes for all grade levels are offered, college credit is possible by taking AP tests (we have several good teachers for these classes), school is well-maintained in terms of appearance, faculty and staff are friendly and helpful
Mayfield provides students with a wide variety of AP courses to fit most interests. Our teachers are available after school for extra help.
Mayfield High School was a wonderful experience for me. I liked how involved the teachers were with the students on a personal level. I would have changed the favoritism shown by the teachers.
The teachers are overall great. They really do care about each student, and take extra time out of their day to offer them extra help. Also, each class is filled with so much useful material that is actually really helpful for college. The only reason why I did not give it five stars is that they spend money on things like a new coffee bar when they still have the air conditioner on in winter.
Overall I have had a great experience at Mayfield High School. In both academics and Athletics, I have improved tremendously with the instructors and teachers I have had though out my years. I definitely recommend it to any 8th grader in Las Cruces deciding where to go. And all though it may not be the newest high school in Las Cruces it has a great administration and they make you feel right at home once you come here.
I have been at Mayfield for 4 years and honestly I have loved every single second being here at this school. There are so many opportunities and I've just had so much fun. There are a lot of good teachers that are willing to help you in any subject. Also, I have had a lot of fun in supporting the sports that are provided here at Mayfield. I am a varsity softball player here and I am proud to represent my school as a Lady Mayfield Trojan.
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I have attended Mayfield for my entire high school experience. Plus I have an older sister and a younger brother. I love everything about attending Mayfield High School from the teachers to the students to the parents. I love how our community supports our school and stands behind our students. We have recently had two tragic events involving a current student and a alumni. It was awesome to see the outpouring of love that our community had for the families of these students and for the friends of the students.
Curriculum is rigorous and prepares you for college
Most students are accepting, but there's always some who are not.
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