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It's a good school. Counselors help with thing like college and the career you want to enter. They help figure out your personality type and what careers would fit you. The teachers I had so far are the best at what they do.
Mayfair is a good school with a good focus on education. The Administration and Teachers work hard to prepare students for college. The school also offers career classes such as medical billing and a class to explore different health careers. However, I would like to see more variety for elective classes.
My experience was very good, although many other students don't have as good of an experience. I think we are each at least partially responsible for our experience.
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It is a pretty good school academically. However they teachers may very harsh in terms of grading. The sports are pretty competitive. We are overall the best in our division in terms of sports but in the playoffs we do not do so well. Also the security is on you more. It is not a place to be selling food or getting into fights.
Horrible experience at this school including getting assault threats. A lot of gang violence and most teachers don't care too much about students education. You feel a bad vibe at school. Good sports teams though. I guess that's the only upside.
Mayfair is an average high school. Lots of different ways to be involved with a variety of clubs that range from academic to hobbies, as well as lots of different sport teams. Very good amount of AP classes to choose from with good teachers that help you learn lots of AP content with limited time.
I've attended both Mayfair Middle and High school with a total of 6 years. I would advise all to simply find the right crowd and passion at this school because both are very diverse. The teachers are honestly very strong in their abilities to educate and demonstrate the curriculum as well as in getting the students involved. In fact, Mayfair even hosts a Students versus Faculty basketball game in order to raise funds for seniors in the form of scholarships. The Associated Student Body works diligently to raise school spirit and establish a positive vibe among the Monsson family. Although the food in the cafeteria, also known as the Multipurpose Building, or MPB for short, is not the greatest, it is bearable however. Nonetheless, Mayfair is a well rounded and great school for students to attend.
Overall Mayfair High School was a decent school to attend. Yes, the academic area of the school was exceedingly well but the school did lack much diversity and freedom of speech. Mayfair had many oppurtunities for young students to get a head start in experiencing different careers through their ROP program. There was also an superb selection of AP classes available for any student wanting to get ahead. While topics such as academics are important, there is another proponent of the High School experience that is missing, and that is diversity. Over my 6 year attendance at Mayfair High School, I have only received 2 African-American educators and 4 Hispanic educators. The educational staff at Mayfair predominantly consists of white males, which is a problem because this strips the high school student of much needed diversity.
My experience is calm and sometimes frustrating because I would like the school to have better programs and better student invovlement.
I enjoyed my classes and being involved on campus. Overall, Mayfair is a great school and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Mayfair is a great school everyone there is very nice. the food is no so great though but they do have many choices for different people.
The teachers are good and so are the counselors. You just need to actually put in the effort to speak with them and take action to solve whatever problem you may have.
The teachers should be more interactive with the learning process and learn common core so that they can teach it to the students.
Mayfair High School is not the bad school everyone views it as. It is a great school that offers so many opportunities for everyone. The teachers are great, sports program is like no other. The class of 2018 left a huge mark on the history of Mayfair’s sports program. Our football team went undefeated in league, something that hasn’t happened before. The cheer team was amazing the last 4 years. I am a cheerleader. One thing that I hope changes about Mayfair is the school lunches and the cleanliness of the bathrooms.
Mayfair is a great school with amazing teachers, students, and activities. I was involved in ASB and also Theater. The faculty truly care for the students and want to see them succeed. I was able to have the support of not only my classmates but all the teachers as well.
Mayfair has a very diverse student body and nice teachers. Although the school is not all that well funded and could use some love in that aspect, they make do with what they have. We have a wide range of extracurricular opportunities, clubs, and classes on campus.
My experience is great,but I would like to see a change in student involvement and recognition. I believe every student should be recognized during special events or assemblies. I feel that most students are recognized for best athlete and scholar there should be a variety.
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One thing that I like in mayfair is that most of my teachers help me out adjust in school. Because I came from other country and move here in USA. They didn’t pressure mo to do things, they are pretty chill, and nice. I also experienced some trouble in school and the vice principal personally help me out to resolve that problem which is bullying. I hope this school will grow more and the politness of the official will just remain like that. Counselors are big help too, they always consider what is good for the students and help them to graduate in time. I’m thankful to my counselor because even though I got a lot of missing credits, he managed to fix my hs plan and can graduate in time. Here we go on June 2018 I’m finally graduating.
Diversity, Good Counselors and Teachers, Great Classes. Doing lots of upgrades and keeping up with technology. Challenging students and giving good resources for both parent and students.
Every teacher was committed to help the students there shine, even if the students themselves didn't particularly feel like they could.
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