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Mayfair Elementary School Reviews

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The school is alright, there's a lot of kids who do whatever they want, and don't do their work, and make inappropriate jokes.
Their so called anti Bullying rules "Don't Exist", They so called encouragement of friendship with victim's and their bullies. Bullies should have been educated on the effects of their actions and receive therapy. But instead school turns a blind eye to the physical assults and tell the victim's they need help and understand what is wrong with them, instead of getting help for the aggressor's! Very disappointed. They have great teachers there!
Bullying is not tolerated. Personal safety is looked at at all times. Health is always monitored.
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I love Mayfair Elementary School, truly. I will be moving on to high school next year, and I will miss it. I will miss its opportunities, its comforting atmosphere, its solicitous teachers. If I could do it all over, I would without hesitation.
The teachers at Mayfair Elementary school care so much about their students. They are willing to come out of their comfort zone for a student that truly wants to get somewhere in life. An unwilling student is something else completely, and even then the teachers do much more then what is expected of them.
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