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Mayer Lutheran High School Reviews

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mayer lutheran sucks big time. do NOT send your child here, they will dislike you for it. PLEASE save yourselves
Mayer Lutheran is a good conservative Christian school. However, the students at the school are very cliquey and if you did not go to one of the local Lutheran middle schools, transitioning may be hard for you. Academics are average with excessive amounts of homework.
I loved Mayer because I was able to express my faith in every aspect of my life. The teachers led us in a way that encouraged us to learn and grow. I would like to see more hangs on learning and a wider range of classes for future students.
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Christ centered atmosphere with strong character represented and promoted. Small class sizes with all the perks! Many special opportunities afforded to students in a broad array of platforms. Teachers, Suport Staff and Administration go above and beyond expectations to make sure every student is known and their needs are being addressed. Fine Arts that are performed on stage in the Fine Arts Center for thousands to enjoy and competitive sports teams often visible well into post regular season. High average ATC scores and evidence of educational excellence! Everything is done so very well! A daily example of living in a Christian walk is prevalent and known amongst all who attend and work at Mayer Lutheran high School.
A great place for my children! Supportive, caring faculty and staff. A variety of opportunities in academics, service, athletics, and fine arts. MLHS does an excellent job of preparing Christian leaders!
Caring teachers that pushed my three children to grow in knowledge, discernment, and critical thinking. They were extremely well prepared for college and life. Most of all they never had a day in which they were not reminded about God's love, His forgiveness, and their Savior, Jesus Christ.
We put all three of our children through Mayer. My wife and I knew it was a cost we could hardly afford, but we prepared for the sacrifice because we value the Christian education and atmosphere and and consider that the goal of parenting is to raise up children in the Lord. Mayer Lutheran is a tight-knit community and they do their best to make people feel welcome, as well as providing financial aid to help make it affordable. We don't regret sending our children there and neither do our children.
We moved here 6 years ago as our first child was entering high school. We wanted a strong Christian education with a strong academic focus as well as great opportunities for involvement in post curricular activities. Between our two kids I think we have experienced all that Mayer offers (various sports, Quiz Bowl, Musicals, One Act Competition, Spring play, Band, Jazz band, Pep band) and we are thrilled that we made this move for Mayer Lutheran. Our last child will graduate this year and we feel so blessed that he brought us here and for the very well-rounded education that they received.
The students at Mayer Lutheran are a kind, considerate, servant-like group. Whenever I have had a chance to visit the school or be part of a mission trip away from campus, the kids have amazed me with their intelligence, work ethic, and faithful approach to their life. The school's emphasis on servant-leadership is certainly efficacious!
Mayer Lutheran staff and administration have been such a blessing to our family. At MLHS, you are not a number. We have been with MLHS for nine years. Two of our children have graduated and we have two more currently attending. For 9 years we have driven 45 minutes to school and can say it is worth the drive. Each student is academically, spiritually, and emotionally fed every day. At MLHS your child will be well prepared for post secondary opportunities. Our children, as well as other alumni, agree that MLHS prepared them so well that they easily adjusted to the rigors of college challenges. We would never consider sending our children anywhere else but MLHS.
Great Experience for student and parents !! Great Academics, Great Co-curricular activities, Great Sports programs. Lots of excitement in the air !!
New building addition to be completed by next year !!
Mayer Lutheran prepared my children well for college. Both went to private liberal arts schools and received merit scholarships. The small school allowed them to participate in many extra curriculars, which was good for them and good for college applicants. They developed strong relationships with staff and grew in their Christian faith. We commented from Wayzata, which took some time but definitely worth it.
Mayer Lutheran has excellent administrators and teachers who will work with students to not only learn the knowledge, but learn how to apply it and problem solve with it. The teacher to student ratio is low, so students get individualized help when challenges occur. The facilities are clean and well maintained, and student safety is a primary concern to school leadership. They are currently building a new entrance and commons area that will only enhance school security.
From the time we stepped foot on campus, my wife and I were made to feel at home. More importantly, our kids were treated with kindness and respect. The entire staff, from the maintenance people to the office staff are as friendly as I have ever seen in a school. The teachers are very welcoming and are terrific in keeping us informed of our kids' progress. Our graduates from Mayer Lutheran have each attended fine colleges around the country and their preparation to be Christian leaders has made them better people--more compassionate, eager to serve others, and more globally aware. We cannot say enough good things about Mayer Lutheran.
MLHS is an outstanding school where student is valued and reaches their full academic potential. The school is also known for developing tremendous leadership in their students and very high engagement in co-curricular activities.
Mayer Lutheran has been a godsend to our kids. It's 25.3 ACT school composite indicates the high quality of academics they received. But, it is the caring and compassionate faculty and staff that made all the difference. Our kids are well-adjusted, motivated, independent adults thanks in large part to the experience they had at MLHS. We also loved the school's mission of "Preparing the Next Generation of Christian Leaders" and witnessed that every day of our time at MLHS. They take their mission seriously! It is a terrific school, just the right size, rigorous, with lots of activities for every kid.
Mayer Lutheran is a strong, Christ-centered, caring community of individuals. Teachers will listen when you need someone to be there with you through a tough time. Coaches are considerate, encouraging, and help you grow in every aspect of your life. Friends that you meet there - will last a lifetime. Everyone that is a part of the Mayer Lutheran community are world-changers. In the seemingly insignificant ways as well as the bold ways.
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I had a great experience at Mayer Lutheran High School because of the small size of the school and the personal relationships with all of my teachers. I was given many amazing opportunities to succeed and go out into the world prepared for more schooling and life in general.
It's a good school for academics. I received a good education here. However, the school is very small with limited number of friendship building activities.
I love my high school. I have had some of the best experiences of my life at the campus or through school activities. The friends I have made here are some of the best people I have met in my life and I hope that we will stay friends through college. Also, the teachers at Mayer Lutheran are phenomenal. They always are there to help you with anything - whether it be showing you how to do a math problem you do not understand or helping prepare you for an upcoming history test. They have well prepared me for college, both academically and spiritually.
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