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I had the pleasure of knowing a few excellent instructors while I attended school here. However, many of the teachers are coming and going creating a constant revolving door. This is very inconvenient for the students and other teachers who are consistent within the institution. There are not many academic options, the school offers what is required and is not open to suggestions or recommendations. It would be great to see dual enrollment and advanced placement courses as well as a better foundation. Being such a small school, the social aspect serves as a positive thing. It is easy to get involved in extracurricular activities and take advantage of the opportunities that you are presented with. I enjoyed playing sports and the small class sizes.
I've attended since kindergarten and it's been such a great opportunity. Although we arent the nest school they try to make sure we are ready for the after high school life.
My overall experience at Mayer High School was okay. I like that Mayer only has a four day school week; Monday-Thursday 7:30 am-2:30 pm. I would like to see the discipline at my school change because the kids that go here get away with almost anything and it needs a more structured base and I also wish the school offered more higher level classes for students and more clubs or extracurricular activities for students to join. Education wise the school is good for the students willing to learn.
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Mayer is alright but the principal is bad. He is the principal, Althetic director, and a coach. He does not know how to handle any situation and has favorites. At this school you can get away with anything there is no punishment at ALL. It's a horrible school to be at.
I went to Mayer practically my entire life. Growing up I felt it was an amazing school and it was exactly like any other; I was wrong. I had not realized this until my junior year of high school. My freshman year math class consisted of eating cheese sticks and going to the gym. While at the time I felt it was the greatest class ever, I didn't actually realize how much it actually impacted me until I had a real math teacher my junior year. This new math teacher was the greatest teacher I had because I had went from junior high level math, straight to college level precalc. Mayer High School has its Pros, but its Cons strongly outweigh.
Mayer High School is a great school to go to. Everyone of my teachers are understanding and compassionate. No one gets left behind, they work together so that no one feels as if they don't understand something. The students are very friendly and never single you out for your differences.
The acedemics at Mayer High School are average. The students could, in my opinion, be challenged more.
There is a police officer who is on the school campus at all times, and he usually takes care of any problems that people may have.
The resources at this school are not horrible, but they could be better. I think the students deserve better.
For a couple years we had horrible teachers, but now we have some nice committed ones.
The teachers at Mayer High School do not put a lot more effort than required into helping the students succeed.
every social group in this school basically over laps with exceptions of a few.
our new principal of two years has made very good changes, and is still striving to do more.
My experience here overall has been good. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn;t horrible. I just wish the school would offer more to the students.
The top extera curricular activity at Maye High School is the sports teams. Our school offers volleyball, football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball and track. All of our sports teams are decsent but not great, but our school is working really hard to bring them up, which they have over the past few years.
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