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Mayde Creek Junior High School Reviews

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The food was common at most public schools.
Students loved athletics class, not the coaches.
It was similar to other public schools.
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The school is a relatively safe environment.
Dress code was the worst part of this school. Students were dress coded for the tiniest infractions. Ultimately, it was up to the teacher if you were to change your clothes. If a teacher said a female's shirt was suggestive, they must change. If their bra strap was visible, they were told to wear jackets. And skirts deemed short by the teacher were replaced with clothes given by the school, usually gym attire. I once remember a female student being forced to change because the graphic on her shirt was a pair of glasses that the teacher claimed drew attention to her chest. The policy is too strictly enforced on things that are of no real issue.
When I was present at the school, all students were required to join a club. No exceptions. Clubs varied from journalism to athletics to FBLA. The experience depends on the club.
My favorite experience was my English teacher. She offered an amazing class experience and added a fun twist to learning. Technology class also gave me new insights on rocket building and wood-shop. However, these are the only reasons I would go back. My language and athletics classes were nightmares that I wish never to revisit because of the instructors. I had both the language and athletic teachers for two years, and only made me dislike the courses rather than enjoy them. It is for this reason I give the school a 3 out of 5. It is the teacher's job to help the student, not to discourage them.
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