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It's a very diverse school yet it still feels like the white students are held at a higher value than the minority students and held less accountable for their actions. Whenever a group of students do something that could get them in trouble, the minority students almost always get the worst punishment for the same actions done by white students.
From the moment I started, ive noticed that the teachers care about the sttudents. They want to see them succeed and try to help in any way possible. The coaches for the sports are amazing as well.
Mayde Creek is all about diversity and making sure students are enjoying high school while also learning and making sure things are getting done. My only complaint is that there's not a bunch of college readiness for students attending community colleges, I personally didn't feel at all, prepared for college after graduating.
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I attended all Mayde Creek schools starting in elementary and I absolutely love the diversity it brings into KISD. Ram pride never dies!!
Mayde Creek is a great school, the staff care about us and make us feel that we matter. Teachers prepare us for state test or any test in general.
I like the variety of cultures present in Maude Creek High School. Our lunch food is average, we can always improve in that area if we want to supplement the students with the right nutrients. We recently got a college readiness teacher who helps us through the process in preparing ourselves for college and what to expect.
I like the way teachers do everything they can to help their students succeed. If anyone needs further assistance they have set times to attend tutorials for more practice and to get the attention needed.
Thinks I would like to see change at Mayde Creek is the behavior and how our teachers respond to disrespectful students. Other than that, my high school experience was good. I obviously wouldnt say great because its school and as any other high school student we dont really like it as much.
Throughout those four years in high-school, I experienced an insurmountable amount of school-spirit. Teachers and other staff always encouraged students to participate in events of all-types, so every event was successful and lots of fun! Due to the construction, my class will not able to see the building completed, but we didn't let that stop us from having our best senior year!
Great school. Need to work on getting the crazy Freshman in line plus they make upperclassmen go to the freshman building for classes which SUCKS
This school may me percieved as part of the ghetto of KatyISD, however it has amazing students who strive to achieve academic success with much help from administation and staff.
What I liked about Mayde Creek High School was that it had many extracurricular activities, also most teachers are not afraid to push you until you reach your full potential. Another thing I like about MCHS is that it was not 100% your stereotypical highschool, although there were cliques some cliques were very inclusive.
My son always struggle in school due to Epilepsy episodes, Dyslexia, and ADHD. After multiple “Retention Conferences” and the struggles of Junior High years he made it to Mayde Creek High School. I had already given up trying to fine the “one adult” that would be willing to be involved, give their time, and make a difference in his life… but then came two extraordinary teachers. They embraced his unique personality and pushed his intellect beyond limits. He felt successful for the first time, intelligent, and capable. They introduced him to robotics and spent countless hours working together. They fostered his curiosity and provided a safe space for him to be himself. He developed his love for science and found a passion for learning. They were always available and they are the reason why he chose Forensic Chemistry as his major.
Mayde Creek had a diverse population of students and faculty. The faculty cared for their students and had passion for teaching.
Mayde Creek High School was a good school, I had no problems with the administration, the faculty, and the students there and I'm very glad I got to graduate from there.
These past 4 years were fun and full of memories with students in my classes and especially in the choir program.
In the school district of Katy ISD, Mayde Creek High School has a reputation of being uncivilized and unsophisticated. It is often referred to as the "ghetto" and "poor" campus, as we freely open our doors to immigrants, low income students, and the homeless. Although students from other schools consider it embarrassing to attend Mayde Creek, I consider myself honored to be part of such a diverse community. While other schools may be separated by cliques or academic achievement, Mayde Creek integrates us students and promotes unity throughout the school. The staff at Mayde Creek, who see themselves as mentors who truly care for their craft and their students, go above and beyond to ensure that each student succeeds. Mayde Creek offers an abundance of clubs and committees suited for such a diverse school, such as the Muslim Student Association, Asian Committee, Spanish Club, American Sign Language Club, and the Christian Youth Society. Despite our differences we proudly stand united.
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I love the school. It has done so much for me and helped me along the way towards my career path. Because of them, I am able to get the opportunity to attend my dream college.
The AP classes here are both challenging and rewarding. It's definitely not a bad school that seems to only get better over time.
Una de las cosas que me gustaria modificar es la comida que pudiera ser un poco mas saludable y que tuvieran mas variedad. Por el lado de la seguridad no me puedo quejar mis hijos han estado en esta escuela y no hemos tenido ninguna queja acerca de esto.
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