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I started school here April 2nd. I moved back down here in Arizona from Colorado in January. But because of my living situation, I couldn't enroll in school for many different reasons. Maya High School accepted me immediately after we applied. Maya High School is an alternative High School that deals with troubled kids that either fell behind or the school was their last option. But Maya is also an amazing school filled with fantastic teachers. The teachers that work within Maya are very enthusiastic with their teaching and with the students. As I have learned from my very short time being there, teachers aren't there for the paychecks. They care very deeply about there students. And I have been told by a few teachers that they care more about us than they do about the money. Saying that "You guys are all I really need. The paycheck is just a bonus."
But overall, my learning experience was amazing, and my education will continue at the school next year.
Maya is a very small school so its a little bit crowded but there are many wonderful teachers and staff that work at our school that help with almost everything. Even though we're an alternative school its not really different from any other school around.
Maya High School is an accelerated high school that offers students a chance to catch up on credits or graduate early. At Maya, we are focused on achievement and operate in a culture of cooperation. Every student at Maya is involved in the school culture one way or another.
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Maya High School was a great charter school. I had lost my sophomore year and I had the option to take night classes to make up for the lost credits. I had wonderful and supportive teachers and a great principle. I am honored to have graduated from Maya High School!
The quality of the teachers are great and they teach really good. If you need extra help with something they are more than willing to help out to make sure that you understand the material.
The teachers at my school actually care. The teachers teaching styles are to where we are able to understand it. The teachers knowledge are very smart. The teachers treat us like their kids and want the best for us.
At this school many students are involved in student council. They are also involved in sports and when we tryout they give everyone a chance. There is no peer pressure to do anything.
Their is barely any bullying in this school and when their is the teachers or administrative make sure it gets taking care of. The cameras are everywhere so that students can be safe. When students get sick or something they make sure they send them home or try to help. School is very safe and I love going there it always cleaned every night.
At Maya high school their is many resources that is definitely their for you. When you don't have it you can ask the teacher or maybe the counselor for it they provide it for you.
The academics are great. The teachers make sure if the student doesn't get the question or the notes that they explain it. The curriculum is very easy its made to where the students can understand. The scheduling process is made to where the things you didn't great in or need. Afterschool they give you a chance to study things with teacher.
The food service is okay. The food is equal for every person to get food and enjoy it with something to drink with the food
Whenever I want to talk, change classes, have problem, and have an idea about something they actually care. They actually want to hear what I have to say or my idea. They treat me like a family member or daughter and its awesome.
I am in student council and it is a great to show that I love this school and it shows that we are all a family. It is really fun. I am also in stand up for the silent. Stand up for the silent we help kids who can't stand up for themselves. We are also family we make everyone feel welcome.
This school lets you tryout and hold fair tryouts and let you show what you can do and don't discriminate or exclude you from it
I have had a great experience at this school it has helped me to learn that they actually want you to graduate and that you can do anything you put your mind too
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