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Maya Angelou Public Charter School - Evans Campus Reviews

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My experience at Maya Angelou wasn't what I expected high school to be like. I honestly did not like it at all. There were about 2 teachers out of my 3 years that I can say learned something from. I do appreciate the opportunity that I have got from there, a scholarship for college . I wish I stayed at my other high school. What I would like to change would be everything . Prepare students for later on in life . Give them the high school experience that students should get .
The extracurricular activities were decent. We had a few to choose from.
My high school was okay. They were still in development so the place looked okay. The classrooms were decent.
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Most teachers at my high school would try their best to teach you if your willing yourself to put in the work.
The technology & equipment in the school definitely needed an upgrade. The school building being there from over 50 years it was beginning to fall apart. The staff did the best the could to teach us with what resources we did have. This year the school is being renovated.
My experience at this school was great. They help me to get to my ultimate goal which was graduating from highschool as an honors student. I made a lot of great friendships at this school. I've never attended a school where the teachers are like parents. They did everything for us. I came to this school whine the odds were against me. When everybody else thought I would fail. This school helped me prove them wrong.
The culture & diversity at this school is slim to none. The population of this school is made up of mostly blacks with a 2 percent population of Latino students. The students at this school have never experience major diversity at this school. The teacher & staff population is made up of about 50 percent black , 30 percent white & 20 percent other. The students at this school experience a lot of peer pressure from drug usage to sex. Not just in the school but out side of school as well. The school is surrounded by 3 known hoods in Washington , Dc. Every student in this school has a story. This school was created for every outcast student with a story & dreams of wanting to do better in life. Even though the school surroundings may be rough , the staff inside the school show more love than don't parents do. The students look at this school as a safe haven. To get away from the craziness that is their life outside of school.
It was the best time of my life if I could do it all over again I would no question about it.
i love my school. the teachers and staff and so helpful to me
the teacher make sure students always need help
students write on walls, mess up bathroom pull fire alarms , start fires
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