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May-Port CG High School Reviews

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May-Port CG is a very small school which allows people to have good one-on-one time with teachers if and when they need help. Everyone at the school is so nice and rarely is there ever bullying. I loved going to school here and wouldn’t change a thing.
I like a lot of thing about my school. I am able to achieve straight “A’s” and I have relationships with all my teachers and all my teachers know me. Another thing I like aout my school is that it is a small school. I know everyone that attends with me.If i could change anything about my school, i would add more classes to choose from. Overall, I’m glad that i go to this school.
I like my school but I wish everyone would stop and think of others for a moment. There is more to school than just sports. There are other interests and activities needed to be supported. There are people who wish someone would be nice to them for once. There are kids who long to excel in school but don't know how. Our school would be much more enjoyable.
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I have made it to FBLA nationals and have enjoyed participating in track and basketball.
There is almost no variety and the food is often overcooked.
Some of the school policies I find to be unnecessary. The teachers even have began to not follow some of them.
There are many things to participate in pertaining to fitness. The coaches are always eager to help the students out and so are the fans.
There are some teachers that are wonderful and go above and beyond. However, there are a select few that frustrate me to no end because they don't grade anything or don't answer my questions.
Our most popular club is Future Business Leaders of America. It is very beneficial to everyone's future and is a lot of fun as well.
It's what you get for a small town. I guess you just have to roll with the punches.
We have quite a lot of bullying at our school, and the higher authority does not do much to stop that. If you aren't rich, be prepared to be bullied.
We have a high average of loosing. Still, everyone thinks we are the best. We need better coaches who are dedicated to making a difference in kids lives.
We live in a small town where the money the school recieves is put towards spots. I belive that the money could be used not only for spots, but for areas around the school like the class rooms.
Well, it's cafeteria food. what do you expect?
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