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May High School Reviews

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May High School is a small high school with about 150 students enrolled in grades 9-12. This High School is filled with many kind and caring students, and it is really easy to feel at home and make new friends. Our athletic program is encouraging, and motivates athletes to work harder than ever. However, our academic program needs work. This school focuses more on athletics rather than education. Granted, we have been working on improving our academic program, we need to work even harder to prepare non-athletes for the future.
May ISD is a small school that doesn't offer much variety when it comes to courses. There is of course online courses though. The teachers can help you one on one better with the school being as small as it is. There is only 200 to 300 people in the entire school so everyone knows everyone.
This is a great small community based school. Everybody gets along well and there is almost no conflict at all. Education base at this school is great when you graduate you will be ready to go into a college prepared.
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Judgmental people, very close minded. Wouldn't recommend for any one whose child is even the slightest bit "different"
The determine teachers, I got a lot of opportunities
Everything is pretty good! I wasn't into sports so I'm not totally sure but I was in all locker rooms and facilities at one point or another and they weren't terrible. School spirit is big, especially with the cheerleaders and mascot!
Most teachers are awesome! I had several who were willing to help me with personal problems. They offer to give kids rides to games or contests. They're just awesome!
The staff is great, but they don't take bullying very seriously. The teachers are even know to pick at and make fun of some kids.
I loved this school. If I did it over again I'd still pick this one to go to!
Aside from things like football, baseball, basketball, and track, there was also 4H for showing animals and entering in contests, One Act Play, and UIL.
The school is very safe, mainly because of its remote location!
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