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This school has very competitive parents push their kids into being something they are not. It is nice to have all the parent support though because they are always at games. What makes this school unique is how small it is and how good we are in sports like always winning league and being champions every other year.
Being at very small school with 100 students we don't have the funds for a teacher for every class.Most teachers here teach 6 periods with one prep period. Each period they teach different subjects, so they seem to always be stressed in the period they are teaching. We as students don't get the proper teaching we should get.
Maxwell High School is located in a very small town. We don't have a whole lot of crime in the town so it's unnecessary to have all the safety measures that are needed at larger schools. We haven't had a lot of problems. All the students pretty much leave their cars unlocked in the parking lots.
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Maxwell High School offers the following sports: volleyball, cheerleading, football, girls and boys basketball, baseball, and softball. It's very easy to get involved in sports. Most of the time there are no tryouts and you are guaranteed a spot on the team. The clubs offered at our school are: Future Farmers of America (FFA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Associated Student Body (ASB), book club, and boys and girls circle. A lot of students are involved in sports and most students are in FFA (only because if you take an Ag class you are automatically in FFA. Again it's pretty easy to join a club and there aren't a whole lot of restrictions. For ASB you do have to be elected, though.
No matter what I will always like Maxwell High School. I have been there for its highs and its lows. My freshman and sophomore years were great and after that it slowly went downhill. It's not the school the makes the experience what is is (injoyable/uninjoyable) it's the people you share it with. This is a VERY small school and it does its best that I can given its size. I have had so many opportunities at this small school that I know I wouldn't have had at a bigger school and for that I am grateful. I wish more people would realize this and appreciate the fact that even the most I athletic people get a chance to play on a sports team (with tryouts at bigger schools this would not be possible). It's also extremely special that students at Maxwell High School know everyone's name. So what I'm trying to say is that at this time Maxwell High School is nowhere near the greatness that it has been, but I was there when it was great and it has been great in the past as well. This is my last year there, but hopefully for the classes below me, the greatness will one day return!
There are two new teachers that I don't think do a very good job. The new principal is horrible and there has been no discipline under his leadership. Our newest teacher is pretty young, but she's doing pretty good. All the other teachers are trying and most of them do care a lot about the students.
We have FFA, and FBLA, they donate a lot of time to other organization.
This school part of a very close knit community with heavy parent involvement. School athletics are very good.
They do a great job
The parents and everyone is involved.
Our teachers are incredible they can help you on anything and everything.
Meeting people at our school is easy, everyone is friends with everyone.
The experience at Maxwell High School is incredible and never forgetting.
We recently just started receiving magnificent lunches and we have a variety of food.
Our school has many intelligent student but we need more real life teachings not just brain work.
Ours school technology isn't the greatest, but we manage to work with what we have .
Our school has probably the least clubs, we only have FFA, FBLA, girl's circle, boy's council, and ASB. We need more clubs, everyone in our school is involved in at least one but it would be really great if we had more clubs.
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Our school has an incredible health and safety program, no matter what the problem is, it will get resolved.
Our school's athletics opportunities are incredible everyone has an opportunity to participate if the would like. Our school's spirit is incredible everyone in the community comes together as one to support amazing teams during every sports season.
The teachers try and help us but most have been at my school for years and feel like they don't really have to teach more than they have to. Only some try really hard so that the students succeed.
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