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Max S. Hayes High School Reviews

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The teachers are very close to being imature and really racist. The administration are very good at making it look like they care. There are a few teachers that care about the students but its very few, others make it feel as if they dont know what a teacher is supposed to be like. Most of the teahers and administration like to bully the students and like to pick fights with the said students. There are a few classes that you do learn from but the classes that don't outweigh the good.
I love Max S. Hayes, They have excellent teachers, and they do everything for you to graduate and prepare you to go to college.
I feel that i am mostly safe while i attend school, the security guards are mostly knowledgeable of what they do.
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In my experience i have had a great time learning all my courses and trades.
Most of my instructors are knowledgeable of their field and will work one on one to help you understand the topic.
its okay because I have not seen any signs of danger
My overall experience at this school as been great
The teachers in this school are fair. They help those that would like to be helped
I loved all my teachers they all care for their students
We mostly only have sports and apparently a drama club but all they do is go on field trips.
I don't really hate my school but I would have probably went to a different school if I had the opportunity, I suppose it's one of the better CMSD schools, and I do like my friends and teachers but this year has been pretty bad since we have transitioned into a new building and administrator team and it's safe to say, I would like to go back to the way things were before, The building was rushed and our principle barely exist, we never see her but she's also deciding on unreasonable rules and proposals that even the teachers will flat out say they disagree with like changing the OGT schedule all around when at most schools and how it was the last several years, We would just come in later but no she changed it to our last period classes being first and that kids who leave early would not be able to, which isn't fair. I cannot wait for my journey at this school to finally end, I can only say that I've made a great group of friends since I've come here.
The teachers at my school really do try to engage with the kids and give out good lesson plans but the drawback is the way the school and administrator is and how they restrict the way they teach for example we have AP classes but they are only 40 minutes when in most schools a AP class should be 80 especially an AP English or AP calculus therefor these teachers aren't able to cover as much as they need to with a class so they aren't learning what you normally would in an AP class, The teachers all have different personalities and weird quirks. I adore all the teachers, I have this year because they speak to me like a adult like I have a mindset and respect and I really appreciate that.
I been to Max Hayes since freshman year but, lately I have been noticing favoritism and racial discrimination towards the students. The school is vocational, I love the fact that I can learned a Trade from here. Currently, I'm taking Building Construction there are so many other trades to learn from. I personally would not want to change schools because I wouldn't have meet my friends or the staff here that I talk to on a daily base.
Did not prepare me for the future.
The school offers many sports.
They try to enforce things but students don't listen.
The school definitely helped in preparing for college
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The school offered general classes, Honors, tutoring, and many extracurricular activities such as creative writing and computer design!
The food is okay! There always healthy choices, but they're not always great tasting.
The school has an overall very safe environment. The nurses are great, the health program is very helpful, and the security and safety services are in our best interest. Though I have yet to see any bullying going on in the school, the school staff always reminds us of the causes and effects of bullying, how to prevent it, and how to help if we ever witness such behavior.
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