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Mavericks High School at Palm Springs Reviews

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I've been at this school for about 2 years, I had to leave because the school is just horrible. The teachers and administration just does not care about any of the students. The only thing they worried about was the security of the school, they have a walk-in metal detector and they wand you down with a metal detector wand every morning. Most of the teachers there have no idea what they're doing, You'll be lucky to find a good teacher there now. I DO NOT recommend anyone to go to school there.
at first when i came to this school the first thing i wanted to do is drop out but over the time i saw that this was my second change to fix up my life and with the help and support of my teachers my experience in this school have been great because it helps us finish school faster and also for a lot of us its a second change after leaving a regular school or for kids that want to drop out or have a lot going on in their life.
We honestly didn't have any that I knew of, except maybe a math club..
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My choice to to choose this school again or not would definitely be a YES! This school was a safe zone for me. The teachers just made you feel like you didn't have to be anything but yourself & still worked with you. Instead of calling out your flaws, they called out your strengths & gave you the little extra push to work on your flaws.
My experience at Mavericks High School was one for the books. The teachers their are my definiton of life. They were so real, and informative. They really know how to relate with each and every struggle a student may have.
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