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Mavericks High School - North Miami Reviews

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This school allows you to work on your own pace. which allowed me to graduate on time. I came to this school in the 10th grade and graduated the following year ! The teachers are AMAZING ! they actually sit and help you with what you struggle with, and the school activities are super lit !!
Mavericks is a good learning environment and the staff there are very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you would successed if you put your mind to it. it is so much that the teachers can do.
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Mavericks high school is a very small school that is used for both advance and remedial student. It's only one building and two floors. So everything is very limited. There are real police there to keep everyone safe and on call Fire rescues for emergency.
There healthy snack in the machine.
They're a veriaty of teacher and they have good creative ways in demastrating how to get the correct results. They also have there master in many of their teaching careers. They all push students to not only come to school but in gratuating early. They teachers at Mavericks or just the best.
We had field day and activities from time to time.
theyre very cool , easy to talk to and supportive
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