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Mavericks High School - Kissimmee Reviews

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You would love it if you needed a second chance at high school
the teachers are the best! they answer ANY questions that you have and they help you with anything you need. they are amazing teachers
they do basketball games at times and its really fun.
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although this is a charter school, they had great extracurricular activities.
Resources are plentiful, facilities are adequate for population. School feels safe, never a dangerous a presence.
Food is always fresh, healthy options are also available, and financial assistance is adequate.
Policies are effective and security is very present on campus. However, this fails to keep students from negative influences.
There are few extracurricular activities, but students are allowed to work ahead of their curriculum after normal school hours. Many volunteer and work placement programs are also available.
Mavericks has successfully prepared me for the real world through teaching me to be responsible and diligent in everything I do. Mavericks high school has pushed me to begin college early through the dual enrollment program.
The school administration creates a phenomenal learning environment, ensuring each student feels important and cared for. This environment is completely unique; virtually any other public school features hordes of wandering students, forgotten by overworked teachers.
I absolutely love this school. Being a transfer student from Poinciana High School where they allowed me to continually be bullied, to this amazing school, it was an absolute blessing. Being a smaller school, you are able to develop very strong relationships with your teachers and the small class sizes are definitely helpful as well. The school is always rewarding students for doing good and they always push us to do our best. I don't know what would've happened to me had I not transferred and became a very proud Mavericks High student!
Mavericks High is full of many different clubs. Beginning with art and dance clubs that surely bring out a lot of the schools talent. To the math and chess club that allow other students their chance to shine. Then onto my favorite, which was the criminal justice program they created where we worked out fake crime scenes and lived out a fake trial which was definitely much fun and a great experience!
The teachers are excellent. They take the time to get to know every single student that way they know how to talk and teach you in a way that you'll benefit from the most. When I graduated, I missed my teachers dearly.
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