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I really loved most of my experiences at Mauston High School. Most of this has to do with the Music and Choir Department at the school. In the last three years the choir department at Mauston High school has grown so much and this is mainly do to our new choir director, Ms. Ley. I feel it is important to mention her, because I do not think I would have come as far as I have in music if it was not for her. She has been a great mentor and helped me learn so much about music and excel in the subject. Now the rest of school has great programs and amazing opportunities as well.
I enjoy many of the teachers, and while some could improve their teaching environments, it's very evident how much the teachers care for the students. I wish our administration would visit and see the schools and students more, they still do a decent job. I will admit, the student body tends to be cliquey, most are respectable students. They offer many courses from arts to A-P classes, it's a wide range students appreciate choosing from. Our sports programs are nice, but I would love to see different coaching staff that focus on the team aspect, the family aspect, and most of all, the winning aspect. Some of the coaches I just don't see fufilling the needs for their team.
There was a great sense of community throughout the school. The only bad side to the school was the way some events that took place were handled.
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Mauston High was a good school to go to growing up. The classroom sizes were relatively small, so you weren't battling other students for the teacher's attention. The diversity at Mauston is rather limited to mostly white students. While not necessarily a problem, going to a college that values diversity can be a culture shock. Some of the teachers are so genuinely interested in the lives of their students and that makes getting good grades easier. But some of the teachers just don't know how to teach their students. Thus making the class a lot harder than it probably should have been. Mauston didn't do a very good job of preparing me for college but I still managed to make my way through it. Over all, Mauston isn't a bad place to be at.
There are bound to be good and bad times in high school, but I must say I do not really see bullying of any sort. I moved in the summer before 9th grade as a minnesotan and as to be expected I got picked on, but always make it fun for you!
Mauston High School is a great all around school. Living in a small community, the school is the center of the town's attention. Academics, sports, and everything else that goes on the school, is well known by all the community members. That experience of having everyone behind your school is very rewarding.
There is no diversity here and it's honestly hard to feel safe in this school because there is always so much bullying going on. The teachers are amazing though. Sports are really bad.
I loved my experience at Mauston High School. It was a very small high school in comparison to bigger cities, but that's what I loved about it. The teachers really cared about you and wanted you to succeed. Because of the small school size they were able to know everyone by their name and personality, and all the students were able to know each other as well. In addition, a lot of students weren't involved in just one club or one sport, but a multitude of both. Being in several activities at once allowed for more character development and responsibility, especially of time and energy. They also offered a lot of AP and dual credit courses which was beneficial considering the school size. In addition, every year they held a food drive that raised an inconceivable amount of food for our community's food pantry, along with other small activities that helped our community grow. All around, Mauston helped me grow into who I am today.
Mauston High School was truly a welcoming environment from the moment I walked in the door on the first day. And to this day when I enter the building I still feel the sense of acceptance from all students and faculty. It is an amazing school that really set me up for success in my future.
We are a diverse school, but you get bullied for being different. Especially if you aren't rich, or if you are really religious.
There is tons of bullying in this school, and nothing ever gets done about it. A kid this last year gave up his life due to bullying and because no one would do anything about it. Yeah, we have security measures but it doesn't stop or scare people.
It is hard to join the clubs on campus because they don't keep you aware of meeting times. They never are organized, and people often slack off.
The parents only care about their own children and how to advance them further. They don't really care about the academics as long as their children are doing well.
Some of the teachers are really hard to get ahold of to ask questions. Some of the teachers are kind of stand offish and so you don't know if you should ask them or not. I think that some of the teachers don't grade accurately, and fairly.
I have never felt unsafe at my school. We do not have much violence that occurs during school, or even threats of violence. Our community is pretty small and pretty safe. Our health programs are good and school nurses are always available if you need one. I think the school and community are both safe environments.
Mauston High School has many different successful athletics, clubs, and organizations that students can join. There is always something for students to participate in. We have many different sports that students can participate in, various clubs for all interests, and even after school events for band, art, and volunteer service. At my school, sports are the most popular extracurricular activity and require a lot of commitment, whereas our clubs are not so commitment heavy.
I have enjoyed attending Mauston High School because it is a smaller school and has a lot of opportunities for me to be involved in many different activities. I have also been able to get to know many of my teachers and classmates. I am able to have a good support system throughout the school due to its relatively small size. My favorite experiences are participating in sports and I would enjoy attending this school again because I have had so many positive experiences there.
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Many of the teachers are very helpful and always willing to help. They each are very knowledgeable in their areas of teaching and are good at incorporating all different learning types into their lessons. Many of the teachers are also involved with the extracurricular activities at school which gives students a chance to really connect with them on a personal level as well.
With my experience at Mauston High, I must say that the teachers are for the most part friendly and willing to assist with any questions or dilemmas that you may have, especially my previous freshman English teacher, Mrs. Hable whom had previously put in a good word for me for a possibility of a tutoring experience where I would assist Japanese exchange students getting adapted to the United States.
The effectiveness of our teachers is amazing. Even the "troubled" kids respect nearly every teacher. They go above and beyond every day to make sure we are gaining every opportunity to learn.
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