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Teachers are all excellent at Maury high. They are very patient, understanding and they want to see success in all their students.This gives me the drive to learn and excel. I would appreciate though, if more students in class can have a better positive outlook and a willingness to embrace education as it comes at the best here at Maury.
Great if your in the medical program. Lots of great experiences, especially taking anatomy in a cadaver lab. Very unique experience
I'm currently a Junior at Maury. They offer so many AP Classes that my friend who are in different districts or have graduated wish they had.
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I am a senior at Maury High School and throughout my years at this school I can honestly say that Maury is an excellent schoolfor academics. Being a student here, I’ve grown a lot of close relationships with the staff and administrative team there! I love how Maury is determined to make sure that their students have the best learning experience there. There is always someone to help and Maury is by far the best high school in Norfolk, Virginia. Some changes that I can see that would greatly impact Maury is the renovation of the building because it is a very old and historical building. Overall, Maury High School is an amazing school and I’ve had an excellent experience so far being enrolled as a student here!
My experience at Maury High School has been great . I’ve grown to meet a lot of new people and I have experienced a lot of new things. I love how Maury wants their students to strive for academic excellence! The staff and administrators here at my school is excellent! Maury High School has a great reputation here in Norfolk! Some changes that I’d hope to see is more activities with the students and some different programs that can actually be beneficial to the students such as job programs. Another change that I’d hope to see is the renovation of the building because it’s a very old building, but that doesn’t take away how excellent the school itself is !
Maury High School is wonderful for academics, and its strive for diversity of its students, staff, and teachers puts it above the other schools in the area. With a wide array of courses and clubs, each student is able to find a place and feel included with their peers.
Student academic achievement is the primary focus of the staff and administrators at Maury High School. The building, however, is in great need of prepare.
I had a fantastic experience at Maury High School, although it is falling apart. I was able to take many AP classes, and my teachers made sure we knew the material. Additionally, the counselors are extremely helpful with college applications and finding scholarships. Overall, my experience at Maury High School was very positive, and it massively helped me.
My experience at Maury High School has been an overall good experience. I have been attending this high school for 2 full years and have enjoyed most of my math, science, history and English courses. The most notable department for me is the math department, for which has always been an enjoyable experience. Math is infamous for being one of the most difficult courses, but the teachers I’ve had have always done their best to simplify objectives to get the best performances out of each student. Of all course departments the one I would recommend most work on is the science department. It is still an overall good learning experience, but if there were more equipment in classes such as chemistry, I could see great improvement.
My experience at Maury High School has been fantastic. I've made great friends, learned a lot, and had some awesome teachers who care about their students. The only downside about my school is the building. I know it sounds silly, but the risk of the ceiling falling down in the auditorium, or anywhere else in the school, is quite nerve raking.
It has been a different but good experience going to school here. It is a good learning environment. Also safe. Building is falling apart.
I had the pleasure of attending Maury High School for four years. Throughout my time there I inquired wonderful teachers. The administration is filled with amazing people. I am really astonished about their academic records. Maury High School's focus is more on the students than academic competition. There they are focused on helping students establish a bright future. Maury High School offers multiple programs to prepare many students for college. For example, they offer a medical program and foreign language. They also contain an athletic program which contributed to scholarship funds of 19 million dollars last year.
While Maury may be a bit ghetto and a lot run down and in need of renovation, it's a school with many good and dedicated teachers and students who are genuinely nice and hardworking with the occasional dumba**. But what school doesn't have those?
Faculty and staff was really helpful. Was able to work out with schedule and my extracurricular activities
Maury High School, while it is diverse and there are many ethnicities to be found, there is still much notable segregation between races, particularly between blacks and whites. However unfortunate this may be, it is not the cause of poor administration tactics. Administration fails to address certain outbreaks of bullying and does not adhere to the enforcement of its own rules in various cases, creating a liberal yet apprehensive student body due to the consistent outbreaks in violence and the occasional major threat. In regards to athletics there are various sports for students to choose from, including Varsity and JV. In general most coaches put an admirable amount of effort into ensuring their athletes are the best they can be. Facilities in the school, such as bathrooms and classrooms are deteriorating rapidly.
While nothing too special happened throughout my years, the teachers and students made the classes enjoyable. I suppose not everyone would have the same experience, but I definitely think the school could make a makeover since the building has seen better days.
my experience at Maury highschool has not been the best. The school overall is not terrible, but there are many things that make attending Maury unbearable. To start the school is over 100 years old which makes it very unsightly and unsanitary at times. There is a problem with bugs as well as rodents, making it a difficult environment to be in everyday. In regards to the age of the building the heating and air units seem to break often resulting in it being extremely cold in the winters and extremely hot in the summers. On the other hand the staff at Maury is willing, accessible, and ready to help their students succeed. Many of their teachers genuinely care about the subject they teach as well as making sure the material is understood by every student by any means. Whether that consists of using their free time after school to assist students in need of help or going out of their way to provide extra credit for those in need.
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My experience at Maury High School was relatively normal. I felt challenged and encouraged and supported by some amazing teachers. I feel as though I've truly come into my own. However, socially, I never felt as though I truly belonged. Maury has incredible diversity but is very cliquey. I feel as though I am prepared to succeed in the real world.
The school is very divided. If it were not for the Medical Health Specialties Program, it would not be even close to average. Many students show up just to distract others, and no one does anything about it. Security there is terrible. They worry about things that are not important; rather than dealing with a wild group of students, they harass students going to the restroom without a pass.
The community, educations, and awareness is above and beyond. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else
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