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Maurine Cain Middle School Reviews

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We moved to the area this past summer and are actually blown away by Cain. If people reviewing Cain think it's so bad, they should send their kids to the middle school my son previously attended out of state. We have had nothing but good experiences. The statement that the teachers don't care is not the case in my experience. I have emailed teachers and they have emailed me back in a timely matter. Once I emailed my sons teacher that we were having trouble with the homework, and she called me and spoke with my son to walk him through the problem! This was after hours! I had an issue which I had to bring to admin, and it was handled promptly. I think if parents are engaged, hold their children accountable (like the school does), you will have a good experience. My son is being challenged and does earn the grades he gets, even the bad ones! Students are given opportunities to improve grades or receive tutoring, but the student must take the initiative.
Awful school, with careless teachers who will give a kid a good grade whether they earned it or not.
This is an awesome school. I made lots of friends, played lots of sports, was in Theater and Robotics (one of the best in the country) and I learned a lot. It helped me prepare for high school really well. The food isn't great, and the teachers can be very strict about assignments, but this just made me work harder to get good grades. Overall I really loved doing grade 7 and 8 at Cain.
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I would prefer my child fail a class and learn that he has to actually put forth an effort than to learn that he will succeed whether he tries or not. I need him to be prepared for the real world and y'all are teaching him he doesn't have to do anything but show up.
I do believe the teachers try hard, but at the end of the day (or grading period), they give kids the grade to pass whether they've earned it or not. Which negates any effort the teachers and/or the parents make in order to get the child to perform his/her best.
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