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Maurice J. McDonough High School Reviews

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My time at Maurice J McDonough high school has overall been a very positive exsperience. Through the course of my education I have felt very nurtured by my teachers and staff and felt like my learning environment was safe and caring. My teachers have worked tirelessly to meet my social emotional and educational needs and to prepare me to succeed in my future. McDonough is a great school that has cared for me the past 4 years.
I like that McDonough is a small school so classes are very much like 1on1 time. I also like that McDonough has great sportsman ship. What I would like to see change about McDonough is the staff’s interference with the students and the amount of support and spirit.
Teachers and administration tried very hard with innovative ideas to get students motivated and help them to succeed both in and out of the classroom.
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I recently graduated from Maurice J. McDonough High School in 2018. I went here all four years. I had good and bad memories while attending. I loved being in chorus, Ms. Mazzeo was an excellent choir teacher and made my three years in choir fun. She retired at the end of my junior year and it made me not want to do choir in my senior year. I played lacrosse my junior and senior year, our team felt like a family.
McDonough Highschool lacks administrators that can enforce the rules. the school spirit isn't that great either.
For the most part, this school has been a very pleasant experience for me. Many of the teachers I had were passionate in their teachings and care for the student's success. However, some of the students could be immature and there would be occasions of fighting.
Maurice J. McDonough High School is a fabulous school. I loved my 3 years there and highly recommend to those who are considering Theatre Arts.
It's a good school. Teachers are wonderful and love to help students. Facalty is great as well. The food is not so good and there are some fights that do break out but not alot.
My experience at Maurice J Mcdonough is okay. The school has its great days and bad. Our school spirit is great but the administrators tend to ruin it with all the rules which can sometimes take the fun away. Although our school spirit isn't so great our academics aren't too bad. I'm in a class called AVID that really helps prepare you for college which I am beyond thankful for.
McDonough is one of the ssmallest high schools in our county. It allows students to have smaller classes, one on one help, opportunity to be involved in clubs and sports.
Maurice.J.McDonough is a good school , specially the ESOL program it helped the international student to learn English very fast . When I attended Maurice.J.McDonough High School my freshman year , I did not speak or understand English at all ,the teachers always used to make sure that I always was always on the track and know I was doing in class . Also the school is very diversity , I am part of the international club last year we had students from fifty seven different countries. The things that I would to see changing at McDonough is environment , I think that they should have more fun activities for students to participated , get the students ideas what they do and what they want to see change in the school beside that McDonough is a great school.
Maurice J. McDonough has a really good community with in the school. This school shows a lot of school spirt in many ways. McDonough has always strived to very inclusive and diverse in the activities that they offer. As a result of this school being a smaller school there are a lot of distractions among other students. McDonough also focuses on rewarding the good instead of punishing the bad to encourage more good than bad. Overall this is a really good school, however my only concern being security.
I really enjoy McDonough, as a student athlete I have gotten the chance to be really involved with a variety of different extra-curricular activities and different types of academics. (Most) of my teachers are good and helpful, I have very supportive and encouraging parents who help me achieve my good grades. I enjoy how the staff still tries to incorporate school spirit activities throughout the whole year.
The school has a great administration and academics. They also have a good variety of after school activities.
If you don't want your child to be sexually harrassed, pleas e don't send them here. I put in a call to teacher's bit takes around 5 days to get call back!
I enjoyed how diverse my high school is and all the different cultures we have there. We have less than 1000 students so it’s a small school but I like that because we’re very tightknit and close with each other. Practically everyone in the school knows each other.
This school is like any other high school in a county, they provide my educational needs and what I learn over the span of four years.
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My daughter and I had the best experience at this school. We moved when she became a freshman and she learned so much. Had the best teachers, friends and curriculum I've seen in a long time. Highly recommended for those living in the area or interested in theater arts.
I like the way the school develop a period where you can take the time to do your homework/study for a quiz or test. and how much the counselors not only help but motivate student to do better in their studies.but what could be done better is the lunches,hallsweeps and also some of class trips
It was ok but very diverse group with a lot of cliques. It is extremely small with only about 850 students. There tends to be a lot of fights between different groups and culture. The administration tries but their hands are a little tied by the state and can't do the strong discipline they should.
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