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I liked a lot about Maur Hill. I feel like I got the best possible education. I believe that because of the many teachers I met. They seem to care about me, and how I will do in life. The whole administration seems like they want to help you, that is why they changed the schedule my sophomore year. The new schedule set it up like a college, so I can actually prepare myself for it.
Maur Hill - Mount Academy is a diverse school with caring teachers placed in a quaint little town in Kansas. It is an experience that most don't get to have.
I'm very proud to be an alum of MH-MA. I truly believe the opportunities provided to me, my teachers, my coaches, and the friends I met there from all over the world, prepared me for a successful life.
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Had a wonderful experience attending this school. It has gotten so much better through the years and will continue to be a top-notch private high school
Overall the school was very willing to meet the needs of its students when asked for. Teachers really do have a 1 on 1 relationship with many of their students. If you are ready to have college level challenges and learn independence the school is where you would want to go to.
I felt safe on campus, but there weren't really any special resources regarding health & safety available.
Not nearly enough extracurricular activities aside from sports.
I wish that there were more students at this school--classes are pretty small, and students can sometimes be rather clique-ish. I also wish that there were more extra-curricular activities and opportunities for advanced coursework.
Most teacher are pretty average--I have no complaints. I had an exceptional teacher my junior year who no longer works there.
I've never felt threatened at this school and we even have a security camera that you have to stand in front of before you are allowed in
I loved wearing Maur Hill clothes. I don't think I would choose anywhere else to go. Everyone is super supportive
I love all my teachers. I have gotten to know all of them very well because it is such a small school and they are all great people at heart.
We have several sports teams. Football basketball golf track. As well as debate teams . The school goes out of its way to make sure all students are involved in activities.
The staff at school really watches out for our personal safety and health. We have a school nurse on staff. And a zero policy for bullying.
My school is very good at getting us ready for our future
My instructors were always available to me to provide help whenever I needed it.
Academics are very important at this school.
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This school used to be a top-notch school with high-level academicians. The instructors held the students to high academic and moral standards which were seen anywhere whether they continued academic pursuit or in the way these young men conducted themselves in the workplace.
I've applied for student counsel positions for the past 3 years. Selection is made by association to the Administration not merit.
Just isn't enough time to eat meal.
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