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What could I say, I live in the hood, yes, my school, and the district itself is really overprotective. We even must have clear or mesh backpacks to make sure that no one is carrying drugs or weapons. Our dress code is very appropriate and we have a bullying club that tries its best to be sure that no one goes home with smeared makeup all over their face. Since we've had people who tried to break into the school and pretend to be students, we must wear student IDs, so do teachers. Yep; our school security and protectiveness is 110% affective 24/7.
We have a huge variety of clubs, organizations, and other extracurricular activities. There's chess, quiz bowl, cheer, EAST, FCCLA/FBLA, book, and many others. Teachers run these events and they do one of the best jobs. I was in cheer and FCCLA/FBLA and it couldn't have been better. My Family Consumer Sciences teacher ran FCCLA, who was Mrs. Grey. My keyboarding and Info. & Comm. Tech. teacher, Mrs. Oliver, ran FBLA. Then an ex-secretary, Mrs. Hollie, a sixth grade math teacher, Mrs. Kordsmier, and a CBI teacher, Mrs. Washam, ran cheer. All these teachers put effort and stayed at work extra long when they had family to tend to to be sure we were satisfied with our meetings and practices. I could've never had the best club sponsors!
I love the teachers and staff, but there's a huge problem between me and a huge majority of the students. I'm judged by many students at that school and made fun of when I'm nothing but nice to them. They are also two-faced and biased on their rumors they spread about me. What lifts me up at this school is my friends who would take a bullet for me anyday, who are there for me everyday. If one isn't there, I got backup.
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My teachers are my second heros besides my friends and family. They are the reason I'm where I am today because they provide excellent lessons, projects, group projects, and after and before school help. Although they may not seem to care since we are teenagers, they care more than they actually realize, in my opinion and observations. They help me often with this constant problem of annoying and immature classmates that I sit near. I'm very thankful for my teachers!
During my time at Maumelle Middle School, there was not one club offered to students and I believe that this is most likely due to refusal of funding. It was quite disappointing to me as I came from a much larger school district that was very student oriented in the classroom and out.
This school has gotten out of hand since I have been there. Drugs are constantly being found on campus and it's a middle school! I'm not sure what is going on over there but something has got to give!
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