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Maumelle High School Reviews

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Maumelle High School is your average high school. However, there are several clubs to join and get connected to the community, many AP and PAP classes to choose from, and even opportunities to take classes and receive college credit. And there are so many fun activities, I have had an enjoyable high school experience!
The school is so large and the rules are strict. I wish my daughter had a little less strict environment. The faculty are great and have been very helpful with my daughter having some health issues.
It’s hard to compare Maumelle High School to other schools because it’s the only high school I ever attended. I would say the experience is average, nothing super spectacular but not bad either. Maumelle High School has excellent teachers, and even though I won’t miss having to be there for eight hours five days a week, I will miss my former teachers.
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The school is fairly new and has a lot of students, but the majority of teachers are not of good quality. There was hardly any challenging classes that prepared me for college. Very embarrassed by my education from Maumelle.
Excellent theater and arts departments, as well as a great engineering program, however many teachers end up being fired from here, leaving those students to the way side as they struggle to find subs.
I loved going to maumelle, it was such a big school and I loved how the school was newer. People that go or plan on going to maumelle will love it as long as they stay proactive and join clubs and participate in the different school activities that they have to offer.
My overall experience with Maumelle High School was a good experience. My favorite thing about Maumelle was the Teachers. Although MHS might not be the most prestigious School. If you are willing to put forth the work; the teachers will have your back completely! What I would like to see a change? I would like for Maumelle to offer more career ready courses.
High was decent. I had some really good times there and I enjoyed the people and the atmosphere. The teachers actually cared about you and they wanted you to succeed.
The academics were okay, not the best, but certainly not terrible. The teachers were also average, some we're great, others incredibly poor. Their clubs were amazing, lots to choose from. They have good school spirit, and great sports teams as well.
It’s a very good community based high school class that offers every student the opportunity to succeed.
I started maumelle a year ago and I was glad I made the decision to attend maumelle. I have met a lot of amazing people at maumelle. I like the school because we have fun while learning at the same time. Some of the teachers I have met so far, are so kind and helpful. They councilors at maumelle are the best, they do whatever they can to be involved with all the kids.
Maumelle High School is a great school. The teachers are concerned about their students and create a positive learning environment by interacting with their students and keeping that communication open which invites me and my peers the opportunity get the answers we need. They encouraged parent involvement by holding monthly meetings with parents giving them the opportunities to express their concerns, if any. Thought academics is the main focus, Maumelle High offers several interests such as football, basketball, baseball, track, swimming,soccer just to name a few. I
Maumelle High School started off as a great place, that I will admit. Then students figured out that breaking the rules resulted in very little punishment, so every day there was either a fight or drugs, or something stupid happening on campus. Thankfully the newest principal, Mr. Senn, fixed that problem!
The teachers at the AP level are amazing. Strong math department and art department. Many caring teachers.
There are ups and downs with the administration. Some teachers have a connection with students others don't.
The administration is wonderful, the school spirit is like no other and when it comes to school events such as pep rally’s, homecoming, or football games it feel like one big family. I will say in a way it prepared me for college but in ways I was also not ready for college. The principal is the best principal you could ever ask for!
I have gone to maumelle high school for all 4 years of my high school career and ive been to other schools but they were not like maumelle. I like that maumelle teachers somewhat care about your future and try to help you prepare for it.
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My experience at Maumelle High School has been mediocre at best. The teachers work solely for their paychecks, and the students are subpar in how they approach learning. With the increased diversity of the school, racial cliques have occurred due to the poor integration methods instilled in MHS. You know there is a problem with an academic institution, when there have been 4 principals in 7 years and 3-6 teachers fired for drug/alcohol abuse on and off campus. This school has its high points, but there is no doubt that Maumelle drains every ounce of creativity that any child posesses.
I like the diversity within Maumelle and the overall school spirit within the school, the effort to bring everyone together is amazing, I've been in Maumelle for the most part of my life coming through the middle school and I've evaluated myself this past year and Maumelle has helped me grow into a better person all around, I have truly enjoyed being here for my 4 years of High School.
Maumelle High School is definitely a unique school. Maumelle is known for its surprises, nothing can be predicted. You may be walking down the hallway in the generally loud populous just to look down to see a sophomore back sliding between your legs without even knowing who you are. Yes, students are strange, but even teachers are little strange... I had one of me teacher, the most boring guy I knew, he left the classroom and came back in the room with a full clown suit and faced covered in make up. Now, every student in the class of course inquired of his costume, but he refused to acknowledge the existence off such costume or make up. Though Maumelle High School is known for being unpredictable they are known to exhibit strong district and state wide test scores. We exhibit strong test scores whether on the ACT, SAT, PSAT, any state or national test Maumelle High School represents.
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