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Maumelle Charter Elementary School Reviews

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I like that you feel safe in an academic environment and you are able to learn. They are very helpful and always willing to give anything for us to achieve academically.
Going to the now Maumelle Charter, I would say that the best part was definitely the college readiness and academics of the school, being a college preparatory school. The aspects that the school could improve in, however, would be the clubs, diversity, and the staff of the school.
We have a great little community feel. Lots of parents are always there to participate in school functions and sports. They cheer us on. Our teachers are very involved in our after school activities.
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The academics here can be lacking, but this is made up for with the professionalism and love for work found in the teachers.
Loved the school, teachers tend to be great at educating their students; however, some teachers intentionally pick on certain students on the basis they assume something happened with no concrete evidence. The administration was slow and the school was bad with communicating efficiently among each other. The school has the best environment and education compared to any school that is in the same city.
I've been going to charter since 3rd grade and it is the best school ever. Everyone there is like family. The teachers spend countless hours outside of there job requirements to help a student with problems they face whether it is school, family, friends, or work related. Everyone is so caring. As a student we pride ourselves in our amazing grades, relationship with each other and so many more things. We have a lot of new building that are being added as I write this and even though I won't be in them I can't wait to come back and look at how we have grown. This school is home to me and I don't think there is anything I would change.
this school is pretty small and because of this it has a close nit community to make an over all positive vibe/ atmosphere. this has lead me to have better grades without putting more presser on me. this is because i know that if i ever do need any help most people would help me if they could.
im my school the teachers have smaller classes and as a result the students can have more 1 on 1 time .
The teachers sometimes do not know materials they are teaching, sometimes you are not able to get class you want because scheduling. The workload is manageable if you are time efficient with your classes. Online classes are through Blackboard and extends the types of course available to student, specially career focus courses. The school also offers college credit classes but they are also limited.
The nurse is in the elementary and usually gives tums for everything, even headaches. We have one unarmed police man but he is rarely at the school. There is not much bullying at the school and when the administrators are notified of bullying, they take charge.
The school organizations include Student Body Government, Quiz Bowl,and Spanish Club. There is not much fund that can support these clubs and therefore it is hard to support them. There is also not many students that are involved in them since the clubs are to well promoted or funded. Most clubs meet once every two weeks and do not require much commitment, so as the school year progresses, many forget about meetings and drop out clubs all together.
The school is full of unique, nice people but many people are stuck in their own cliques. There is not much interactions between the grades. Teachers are sometimes more of a friend than a authority figure. The class selections for students are also limited since there is a small high school student body
The teachers are dedicated to help the students but teachers come and go often
The academics are everything a student needs. The school provides good schooling all around.
There is a no strict bullying police. Security is enforced but not extreme measures. Health programes are great.
The activities are not bad, the most popular events sports events.
The teachers are great, to students who respect and show effort in the classroom
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