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Maumee Valley Country Day School Reviews

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Maumee Valley has set me on the path to success like no other school in the area can. The people are amazing. Everyone is on your side and will do everything in their power to push you toward your goals. Also, the oppurtunities here are second to none. The one of a kind intensive program has allowed to explore both the world and my career interest. I’ve done everything from swimminng with manatee to cancer research and from a cultural immersion in Cuba to making prostheitcs. Even though its hard work, the great staff helps me enjoy and find value in every class. Lastly, the community and relationships you’ll form here are immesurably impactful. Not for a second have I ever regret coming here. Go hawks
Maumee Valley is great, but a lot of teachers don’t try their best anymore and the students may like it in the moment, but suffer longterm from the neglect. Those teachers either need to improve or be let go unfortunately.
Maumee Valley is a great academic school. I have enjoyed my academic experience at Maumee Valley and it has prepared me for college.
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I've been here for years, and it's a very good school. Its current teaching staff is quite good in most areas. The school lacks in size and it's athletic programs aren't top notch, but there simply isn't a better option in terms of college readiness in all of northwest Ohio.
I have had a good experience at Maumee Valley Country Day School. The teachers are very qualified. The facilities are good but an expansion needs to be done soon to accommodate all of the students. Are sports are average but we don't focus on sports at Maumee Valley. We mainly focus on academics. I feel like I will be prepared for college. I like the school and would recommend it. It is expensive but scholarships are available. There have been several changes in the administration recently and the transition in the high school at least has been pretty rough. The diversity level is high and is not all white or all black. There is a large population of Chinese students because of the schools boarding house.
I liked the small class sizes and the inclusive environment. The only thing I would caution incoming families about is the administration, as they can be difficult to work with on certain issues.
Not as diverse as it says it is. The school claims that it is inclusive and diverse, but it has problems with gays and lesbians. Also its curriculum lacks academic rigor and there are not enough academically motivated students.
I liked the calm, collected atmosphere and the teachers who are willing to sit down with students if they are having problems with classes. What I would like to see change is the constant atmosphere of anxiety, which can feel crushing at times and is pervasive throughout the school.
Horrible, just horrible. Students don't do homework and curse a lot. For your own good, don't send your children here.
I love Maumee Valley! I've been at the school since Kindergarten and have stayed due to all the opportunities given to me at the school.
I sincerely believe Maumee Valley gave me the best education in the area. It gave me the ability to explore my interests, take leadership positions, and gain confidence as a student, a leader, and a contributing member of society.
The teacher-student relationship at Maumee Valley really sets it apart. The teachers are always willing to put in the extra effort to help students if needed, and it's obvious that they really care about the students.
MV is a very trusting environment, so much so that no one has locks on their locker. You can leave a laptop unattended in the commons all day and trust that no one will take it.

Bullying exists, as it does in all places where teenagers are forced together for extended periods of time. However, I've personally witnessed very little bullying outside of small skirmishes within friend groups. In general, MV is a very accepting environment, especially to the LGBT community and POC. In my experience, Maumee Valley students tend to be more politically correct and socially conscious than students from other schools.
I've attended Maumee Valley throughout all of high school, and I've very much enjoyed my experience there. It's definitely an intense academic environment, and students work hard to rise to the expectations of teachers. MV gives its students a great deal more freedom than most other high schools, with long free periods and a beautiful campus that we are free to roam when not in class. In this way, MV has an almost college-like atmosphere; you can find students curled up studying, socializing, or napping in every corner throughout the day. It's a small school, and everyone knows each other very well, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage. You're able to foster close relationships with teachers and classmates...but everyone knows everyone else's business. Overall, I think that MV has helped me to grow a great deal, giving me a strong academic foundation and the confidence to pursue internship and job opportunities. I would definitely recommend this school if you're looking for a small, liberal environment full of intelligent and diverse students.
There is an insane number of clubs at this school! And the of you have an interest that you wish to see a club for, you can just start your own club! There really is something for everyone. Students tend to be involved in a bit of everything, so there is a wide variety.
We have a nurse on campus all the time, and the staff is well educated in terms of keeping us safe. We also have a trainer who is always available during sports, and so if you ever need anything, there will always be a resource available.
I had an amazing time at Maumee Valley, it helped me realize who and what I desire to do with my life. They also provided me with skills to help me navigate my future. I wouldn't change any of it because I never would have become who I am today.
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The teachers really care about the students, and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Occasional there is frustration among grading but in the end everyone has the best interests for students.
MVCDS is wonderful, and is the best school in the Toledo Area. This is my 10th year at MV. MV is not the normal high school experience. First things first, it is truly like college: many of the teachers have been professors in college before, the social atmosphere is laidback, students focus on academics hard, students have a sense of individuality, etc. What sets MVCDS apart from other schools is our sense of diversity and global thinking.
Maumee Valley is a really challenging school that focuses on small classes and personal 1 on 1 interaction with the teachers. I feel that I have learned a lot more at Maumee Valley than I would have been able to do at any other school in the area. Another great thing about MV is that I feel that I know everyone at the school and can relate to them in some way. MV is probabaly the most accepting community of people I have ever met. Anything you want to do there, there is a group of people interested and people won't judge you for your interests.