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Maumee High School does set very high standards academically, but I would prefer to see that the administration does not solely focus on meeting state standards and leave student opinion as an afterthought.
I didn't have anything seriously wrong with my experience, but it wasn't as engaging as I may have hoped it would have been. The classes were too simple for me and I rarely, if ever studied, yet still passed with A's and B's.
I enjoyed majority of High School, I wouldn't have changed anything other than the people. Now that I am graduating in less then 10 days I am sad to leave. I can see the school getting a little out of hand with the lower classmen and the way they are but maybe it is just the way they were brought up. Overall most of the teachers actually care about the success of the students as long as they try.
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I think that Maumee High School is a great place to attend although I would like to see more Art Programs and College Prep courses. As now being in College I feel like I wasn't quite prepared at Maumee, and it took me much longer to adjust then most people. Thank you for listening, Miranda.
Maumee High School has been one roller coaster, I will admit. It's had it's ups and downs but I wouldn't trade my experience for the world. The majority of the teachers and staff make you feel so welcome in the building. Maumee has always had a very friendly atmosphere. I was brand new to Maumee public schools when I started my freshman year in 2014. I had attended a private Catholic grade school for eight years. I knew no one, so it was hard to make friends in the beginning. I wasn't feeling welcomed by my peers, but my teachers made me feel welcome. After about a month into freshman year however, I finally started to make some friends. Maumee High School might look like an ordinary high school and to some people, it could very well be just a regular high school. But to me, it's where I came out of my shell and started to talk to new people, where I finally became an independent thinker and learner, but most importantly, Maumee High School is where I found my second home.
The guidance counselor at this school are sub-par. I have even had one of them tell me not to pursue the field of work I which I am going to college for in the fall. Along with this, we have lost two students and one alumnus to suicide over the course of three years, yet our school still does not empathize suicide prevention, nor does it reach its students much on mental health. Also, the school got rid of AP Lit/Lang this year.
Maumee High School is a small school with teachers who truly care about your education. We are a close knit community where everyone knows everyone so it's not hard to make friends here. I am thankful I got to spend my high school years here.
I had great teachers in my 4 years, any of which I felt I could go to for a recommendation for college. It was not often, if at all, that there were not resources to help me succeed in any classroom. But it would have been nice if the decision making administrators put more thought into their decisions before making them. Some of them did just not make any sense.
Maumee High School is a very small school compared to others in our league. Although it is small, it provides an environment where everyone knows each other. Due to this small size, I as a student have noticed that everyone pretty much gets along. In my 4 years at the school I have not witnessed bullying or mistreatment. I enjoy this very much about my school. Some things I'd like to see changed is our dress code rule preventing Varsity jackets and being changed to a smaller, more competitive league for sports. I would like to see the Varsity coat rule changed because it is a high school tradition and should be allowed in our schools. I would also like to see our school switch to a smaller league because it is hard for us to compete with large schools with more athletes.
Parents definitely do not go all out for MHS, but their support is consistently there.
Most teachers are kind, knowledgeable, and engaging. It seems that most take pride in being an educator and working for the Maumee School district. Although the grading consistency could often be subject to change based on how a teacher felt about a student as an individual.
The police were always there walking around to ensure safety in the school. There were also cameras around every door so no one could get in except through the front office first. All the other doors were locked and secured the minute school started. it always felt safe being there. They kept it a fight free zone as much an possible and it was unheard of for students to bring in weapons or anything like that.
The school has a lot of out side activities that you can be a part of. I was on the Spanish Club. Every couple weeks we would stay after class and all hang out in our Spanish teachers office. We would eat Mexican food and learn Mexican dances. I still remember how to salsa to this day. it was a great way to stay out of trouble and to stay busy. I really enjoyed it and it was cool because a lot of other students were a part of it as well.
This school was a lot of fun. We always had really good teachers, We were very active in supporting our school sports teams, the pep rally's were always so much fun. it was a great way to unify the school as well.
The teachers were for the most part active in our learning. Many of them tried to use fun ways to get through to us and teach us new things. There are always the couple teachers that are very knowledgeable but may not be the best at teaching but that is to be expected! I really like most of my teachers and even though they have varying teaching styles, they all used what worked best for them, which ultimately worked best for us.
The academics at Maumee are fantastic and have prepared my senior well for college.
I feel my children are very safe in Maumee schools.
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There is a wide variety of extracurricular activities available.
My experience in Maumee has been wonderful and heartwarming.
The teachers at Maumee have been wonderful and truly go the extra mile for every student.
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