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I am a senior at MHS and I love it as far as the school goes. The teachers are great and most of them try to connect with teachers on a personal level throughout the year. The administrators do their best to keep the school running smoothly.
A very diverse school with lots of opportunities! With a student population of around 2,400, it is very easy to make friends. A wide variety of electives and levels of classes that everyone can get the education that they prefer. Majority of the teachers are very helpful and will form a bond with the majority of the students. Bathrooms at this school are a disaster and we are in need to completely redo them. We are one of the more liberal schools with people being accepting of different thoughts, backgrounds, and beliefs. The school also supports students standing up for what they believe in within a reasonable matter.
I have had a pretty good experience at Mauldin High School. I have Really enjoyed the sports. The academics need to be improved, I transferred from another school and Mauldin's Honors classes were easier than the CP classes at my previous school.
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ThMy e best thing about Mauldin High was the diversity of the student body. I was able to participate in various clubs and activities. The teachers were very concerned about student learning and the ability to be successful in college or any carrier path that your heart desired. However, I would not recommend the school food to anyone, but the staff was always nice and tried to please the students. My experience has been good and I feel like I am ready to attend college an
I love Mauldin high school, Its huge and over all the staff and teaching teams are amazing at what they do. I would like to see the amount of foul language decrease in the future, but were teenagers and me not cursing dosn´t seem to do anything.
My experience has been great overall at Mauldin High. I like the fact that there are so many opportunities and resources to help students excel academically. Also there ways to be involved outside of the classroom with the many extracurricular's and clubs as well as the multitude of sports offered.
The school has progressively gotten worse with drugs, fights, and liberal bias. I used to like the school a lot, then it started changing.
I like Mauldin a lot! There are some nice people there and the teachers always want to help you! I really like spirit week and how moe’s comes sometimes. What they can do better is being more forceful with dress code because i don’t like seeing girls walking around with booty shorts on
There are a lot of great teachers, but then also a lot who seem to not care about their job. There are also a lot of drugs and bad influences.
Mauldin High was overall a very good school to be in. The events were always inclusive and fun and the teachers were usually well-equipped and ready to spread knowledge. My classes prepared me well for college, especially my AP classes, and my teachers were always there for me and willing to help. This high school offered a wide selection for lunch and had many different clubs that you could be involved in. Overall, it met all of my expectations!
I liked the great choice of classes to take such as AP classes and extra classes such as aerospace, financial classes and SAT prep. I also feel comfortable in class and in the halls with the people around me.
One thing that I loved about Mauldin was that there was such a good AP program. Not only was there a variety of options for AP credit, the teachers were ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD. Students who took AP credit courses were actually able to be very successful on their exams which really helped them (in terms of costs) later on in college when there were able to apply their AP credits and skip multiple intro level courses.
Great education and employees. Students are encouraged to do more than just study, which creates more well-rounded graduates.
I loved a great deal about Mauldin High school. The teachers are wonderful instructors that really make sure that you learn the material and understand it. There are many people and activities to choose from. They host many activities throughout the year, so it is always busy.
Mauldin has an extensive number of extracurricular activities, and many AP class options. Like almost every high school, you will find teachers and students that are hard to get along with; but my positive experiences at Mauldin far outweigh my negative ones. Over-all I had a pretty wonderful and memorable high school experience at Mauldin, and know that in my heart I will always be a Mavrick. I would recommend Mauldin as a great high school option, to anyone interested.
Mauldin High School provided a great learning experience. The school included clubs that everyone could be interested in. The teachers were professional and they cared about their students well being. Mauldin also had plenty of AP for students. The teams whether it was football or the golf team were excellent. We had teams that were for both genders.
I love MHS, most teachers are excellent and want to help you learn. I wish the school could be smaller but all in all it is a great school.
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Although I attended a number of different school from moving so much throughout my life, Mauldin high school was definitely the most unique experience. While the school is not perfect, it holds an honest and nostalgic place in my heart. The time that I spent there was one of the most important times in my life, and allowed me to flourish into the individual I am today. The students were all unique, the professors a mixed bag, and the classes were average and what most would expect. Nonetheless, the school offered a unique and mainly positive experience to those who attended.
I really liked Mauldin High School. Most of the teachers I had were great and continuously showed support towards me and they all helped me reach my goals.
Great school. I went here for my senior year and had no complaints. The old principal was the best and I'm sure the students there miss him. I felt ready for college with what I learned at Mauldin High School.
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