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Mauldin High School was an overall good experience. I enjoyed being there for the most part, and a good portion of my teachers were good ones. There were, of course, a handful of teachers that made class more difficult than it needed to be, but that comes with all education levels. The campus itself is quite nice and feels like home after a while. It took some getting used to, considering how big it is, and how many students attend it, but eventually I felt comfortable there. The administration is fair and strong, faculty is helpful, and the in-school police seemed to have a strong presence in the school. I hope that whoever attends Mauldin High School in the future will have as good and hopefully a better experience than I did.
It is a good school, i felt very comfortable and welcoming. Its a typical high school so it isn't perfect but It was special in its own way. The student body was always peppy and energetic.
I have had a great high school experience. The staff is wonderful. Its a typical highschool so it's not perfect but it has done me good!
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Throughout the three-almost four years of attending Mauldin High School my experience has been mixed. The teachers at Mauldin High School care about the success of their students and they never give up on their students. The atmosphere at Mauldin was very friendly and nice.
In a sea of 2,300 students, Mauldin High School is a place where many students feel lost and voiceless. For me, the various clubs and sports that are provided at my school have been my saving grace. After joining Student Council, the track and volleyball teams, Youth in Government, and Spanish National Honors Society, I have learned that I have profound passions for things I would have never imagined. While juggling these extracurricular activities, as well as many AP Classes, many tears have poured like oceans out of my eyes, but I have never felt alone in my time here at Mauldin. My teachers and classmates have been nothing but supportive, and because of them, my learning experience has been cultivated in the best way possible throughout the last three years. Mauldin High School has presented me with challenges and struggles like no other, life lessons that have shaped who I am, relationships that have overflowed me with joy, and a thousand memories that will last a lifetime.
Mauldin High School was okay. We went through principal's pretty quickly there, and spirit week/pep rallies were a nightmare to attend. I wish they would have given the quieter students like myself an opportunity to opt out of these crazy events.
Overall, I enjoyed my high school experience. I made many friends, and learned so much. Some rules, and staff could be unpleasant at times, but this did not dominate the positive experience I had.
The staff and teachers were always helpful. The principal always interacted with all the students, and of course the pep rallies.
Mauldin is a very diverse and interesting High School. Hardly is there ever hostility in the classrooms or the hallways; instead, there is friendship and laughter and learning. Teachers are always open minded about their students and are always willing to reach out and help their students in any way possible. The administrative staff is also extremely friendly and always wants the best for the students. There's a ample amount of clubs and extracirriculars; there's something for everyone, regardless of your interests. It is an outstanding school with outstanding people.
A good school that offered plenty of extracurricular activities and academic opportunities. They offer a wide range of classes from Ag science to an engineering class. The school has recently gone downhill a little bit as it is getting big and fights are becoming more common. But overall offers good academics and opportunities for students.
The whole staff is engaging with the students. They go out of their way to help and make sure students succeed with anything be it academics or personal matters. I've never had a "bad" teacher or a bad experience. I'm about to become a senior and know that I can expect another great year.
Mauldin High School is a great public school that throws you into a diverse crowd so you can experience different cultures of other people. This school has taught me many lessons on how to interact with others in the real world when I am independent and fending for myself. However, I do not give it a 5 star experience because this school also taught me a lot about friendship and how to differentiate the loyal friends from the fake ones. I lost many friends which made me doubt myself as a person in which I thought I wasn’t good enough but the real ones that staid by my side taught me to always believe in myself and made me feel wanted and welcomed. In addition, Mauldin didn’t prepare me for adult life responsibilities like how to set up credit accounts, social security accounts, investing in stocks, etc. All these important abilities will have to be self taught or sought out from outside sources, therefore, Mauldin should offer courses to better equip students with vital knowledge.
Mauldin High School has been okay. Most of the teachers are good, but the students can get a little out of hand. Mr. Peake does his best job to support and protect every student. It's just how kids are raised nowadays.
School is not the best, students can be rough and fighting is common. However the teachers are very patient and understanding with the students, and they form a very strong connection with their classes
Overall, Mauldin High School gets a solid A in my book. The sense of pride I had about going to this high school is remarkable. I was proud of the amazing teachers who helped me succeed in my classes. I loved the spirit the school showcased at every pep rally, football game, and spirit week. Our principal, Mr. Peake even has the best catchphrase: “And as always, go Mavericks!” I had the best experience at Mauldin and am grateful for all the memories the school has given me.
I’ve only been at Mauldin for 2 years, but I have loved it so much. I was always excited to go to school instead of dreading it like most kids. I wish I would have gotten to finish out my senior year on campus but the teachers made it bearable even online.
My experience in Mauldin High School was a very great time. I really enjoyed making new friends when I first arrived. The teachers there put in a lot of effort to help their students reach their dreams.
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The school is okay but I wish I can see more teachers interact with the students and do more fun things.
I have overall enjoyed my experience because academically and socially I have done well at. The teachers are good, but a few are eh. Work hard freshman year because it’s the easiest. There are a lot of class options, I highly recommend taking 1 AP/Dual Credit in HA b/c it’s college credit, gpa booster, & makes you look like a hard working student. If you are wonder what AP/Dual Credit to take there are course listings on the website, but AP Human Geography, Psychology, Government, and Environmental are easy, but I do not know much about the Dual Credit since a lot of their classes are new(but have heard that are good classes from peers). Also I am also in a lot of clubs, and they are a great way to make friends and have fun, I highly recommend DECA, Key Club, Mu Alpha Theta, and Beta, there are many pros when it comes to doing clubs. There is more I could speak about, but if you go to Mauldin don’t be afraid to push yourself outside the comfort zone!
The thing I liked most about Mauldin was the variety in what classes I took and how those classes prepared me for college. My favorite classes while at Mauldin were my personal finance class and my engineering classes because the activities in those classes helped me learn, but were also fun to do and made me look forward to going to class. One thing I would change about Mauldin High School is to continue adding options for dual credit classes because the one I took was very beneficial and made the transition from high school to college easier.
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