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We enrolled our daughter here after stints at the local public schools at the beginning of her sophomore year. I worried that the small class would not provide a challenge for her and that she would not experience much diversity in her classmates and a host of other things.

I'm pleased to see that her experience has FAR exceeded our expectations. She has never been happier at school. The faculty has her challenged AND engaged in her learning...a winning combination! I love the leadership opportunities she has and the responsibilities on campus she is trusted with. It was a great choice for our family and we are grateful to have such a great option on the west side of Maui!
Our children joined the Maui Prep 'ohana four years ago. The teachers truly care about their students and their families.
There is NO bullying, NO violence, NO cliques...everyone is simply kind, supportive, and respectful to each other regardless of race, religion, and economic status. Other programs simply do not compare in terms of safety, leadership, and molding our children into responsible young adults. They have been taught to be stewards of the 'aina, respectful of various cultures, and to appreciate the opportunities that they have been given. Our kids at MPA are kept incredibly busy with school work, projects, theater, field trips, community service work, science olympiad, sports, clubs, etc.
The administrators know every child and every child's family. Students at MPA interact with other local schools/students across the state and the school is always well-represented. Each student is treated as an individual.
My daughter is attending boarding school and she is really happy, the environment is healthy and safe with kids around the world. She is acquiring study habits and preparing for college meanwhile enjoying the sea and the beach.
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This young school is a miracle. Built on Love and Aloha, this Preschool-12 Day and Boarding School grows our children into global citizens, change-makers, and leaders.
My kids love this school. There have been a few short discussions about moving to a new school or usually is quickly stopped by our kids who have no interest in leaving. Great teachers and great community. My kids are truly loved here.
I currently have two Lower School students who attend Maui Prep (1st and 3rd grades). As summer is approaching, they do not want the school year to end! They love their teachers and their school, and jump out of the car every single day to go to school. As a parent, the campus is totally safe and majestic, with the Pacific Ocean as a back-drop one way, and the mountains and old pineapple fields the other way. The students are outside all day, and the teachers treat our island home like part of the classroom. Both of my kids have grown very strong academically, and both received individual attention when they needed help in certain areas. They also focus on a child's character and being good citizens of our community and world. But I think my favorite part of Maui Prep is the school's culture. It truly is a community, which is why the school often refers to itself as the Maui Prep 'Ohana (family).
Maui Prep is so more more than a school; it is a close caring community for students in grades Pre-K to 12th grade. Students are highly engaged both academically and in extracurricular activities. Although they are small and can't offer everything, there are many ways to get involved. The school has an excellent reputation for college placement and over 50 colleges come visit to recruit. There is a lot of support for the college process. However, it is not the right fit for kids who are not motivated to attend college.
maui prep has been the worst school i have ever gone to it is a bad learning and social environment and i do not recommend sending your kids here
Maui Preparatory Academy is an amazing school that fully prepares you for college. The teachers and faculty all get to know you very well because of the small school environment and care about your success.
Everything about Maui Preparatory Academy is wonderful. The teachers are very hands on and love to give extra help. You definitely feel like a community and welcomed at Maui Prep.
Maui Preparatory Academy is an excellent school located on the beautiful island of Maui. During my time at Maui Prep I have made friends for life and connected with teachers. Maui Prep is a fairly small school so it is easy to get one on one extra help time with teachers. If the student is extremly passionate about a course Maui Prep does not offer than they can take an online class or create a club with students who share the same intrests. All in all Maui Prep is an excellent choice for a boarding school.
It is a very good community of students to be surrounded by. The teachers are decently trained and very professional. It also has a beautiful campus with an ocean view from the lower school playground.
The teachers all are trying as hard as they can to make sure each student is getting the lessons down and fully understanding them. There is a lot of work given, but they grade very quickly.
Although Maui Prep is a small school, it's amazing. The people treat you like family and extra credit is given when needed. If I could have gone here when I was younger, I would have. It's simply pleasant place to learn and has charm to it!
The science lab needs a lot of work. I feel bad for the science teacher, he has so little to work with. The school needs a small separate place for a library. The bathrooms need major updating and so do the lockers. The view though, is breathtaking. You have a lot of outdoor space to work under a tree or sit at an outdoor table. The tutoring help is very easy to get to. The technology is one of the very few things that doesn't need updating. The math teachers need space as well.
The ladies in the office are amazing. They really care about you and do the best to make sure you are comfy. The college consular is great and really tries to push you to your limits. Dress code isn't that bad, it keeps everyone equal.
The school's volleyball team has been getting better, still not good as some schools and not likely to get you a scholarship. The cross-country team is pretty good. The girls went to states and got second place. The paddling team is outstanding and should be given a lot of recognition! The swim team is really good as well, there are a few ego-headed kids on the team, but they are amazing otherwise. The track team is really really good and encourage anyone to join that team. The tennis team is getting competitive and already recruiting for the season!
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Bullying never really happens at the school. If someone has a problem with someone else, you confront them. There has never been an sort of danger at the school. We practice drills, but there's no instance where we've had to use them for real. The Headmaster is open to new ideas about school safety and is there for students to express any concern. I think the school is great, if you're looking for a safe environment!
I have the greatest friends and support at the school, but not everyone is as lucky as I am. I think everyone finds their place though and has a generally happy time at the school. Some students might feel limited because of the small population.
The food service is very average. It tastes pretty good but the portions are way too small and the price way to high.