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Average education at a very average school. Have attended Maui High School since my freshman year and have not been impressed by the aid I receive or the education I am receiving. Many teachers do the bare minimum. However, AVID and various English teachers have really pushed me into figuring out what I want for myself and have greatly helped me with what I need to do to get into a good 4-year university in the mainland. Large, run down campus that is very spread out and filled with much diversity and individuality within each student. Looking forward to graduate this coming spring.
I'm currently a senior at Maui High School, I'm involved in girls varsity track & field and soccer . During my four years of high school, a lot has changed.. freshman year the bell schedule was different, my sophomore year our principal retired and we had to get a new one. Now my senior year, all class colors are the same, which is blue. Also assemblies are optional because the incoming freshman could take up one side of the gym seats alone.
Maui High is a great school that heavily focuses on getting their students ready for college and the careers they pursue.
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Maui High School offers classes that are sure to fit the interest of the student. The education offered resides with you as you progress through the rest of your years of high school as well as after you graduate.
My school has different pathways that students can experience like business, human services, culinary and arts and communication. Leadership is a huge quality that my school supports. We have a leadership class that gives students the chance to work out exercises with special ed students. I would change the after school tutoring sessions to be longer than they are. Overall, Maui High is full of opportunities, leadership and school spirit.
Maui High School is a very diverse and welcoming campus with passionate teachers and strong sports teams. The teachers I have/had at Maui High School care about the students and ensure that we understand the course material. Maui High School also makes students college and career ready through pathways, electives, AP classes, as well as necessary skills such as communication, note taking, interpersonal, and self directional. Maui High School is different because they tailor your classes to what you enjoy the most. Maui High School is extremely diverse. Hawaii is one of the most diverse states in America, given the high amounts of tourism year round. At Maui High School, there is just about every nationality in the classroom. This is a great aspect of Maui High School itself because as students and teachers, we are able to learn about the cultures and languages of others.
On Maui, Maui High School has the best programs for high schoolers. The Robotics and Science Bowl programs allows students to see hard work and effort making a difference in getting ahead.
The school however holds back the best and brightest. There are no easy opportunities to get further in classes and it holds back students from taking advance courses.
There are a constant amount of people per year who get into top universities however I find that those who have gotten in would have been more educationally enriched in a more academically focused school.
I have attended maui hisgh school for the past 4 years and it is one of the best schools on maui in my opinion. The area is so diverse and students are very involved in school acedemics. Altho the only change I would like to see in the campus and facilities. There are areas on the campus that arew mostly dirt and it is very easy to slip when it rains. Also the facilities and equiptment because I am a student athlete some of the equiptment in the athletic theiners area could be renewed and also some track equiptment. But over all Mauihigh is a very safe enviornment and a great school in general.
When I first stepped foot on this campus, I felt safe. Throughout all four years of my high school career, I have had the best experiences. I learned a lot and now feel as if I am ready for college and my life after high school.
I personally love this school. I wouldn't picture myself in any other high school on the island. Maui High has offers everything a student needs. There are so many connections and community contributors with our school. I've seen many improvements at our school as well. I believe that our faculty and staff want nothing but the best for the students and they really work hard to improve classrooms, student support, academics and other important in the school system.
Maui high school provided me with a lot of activities through the clubs. Most of the teachers helped with any questions that I had and they were all patient. However, I feel like the counseling did not help me as much as I'd hoped when I was getting ready to graduate. I pretty much figured out all my unanswered questions once I went to college which I wish I had known when I was still in high school. Knowing this, I could have strived to be better.
The clubs that are offered and the experiences that I've had in leadership positions has helped me to develop new skills. We have great team spirit and have challenging courses. Maui High has offered me a great place to learn and prepare for college.
The fact that it is on an island makes it harder for access to certain things but I would really like to see the students who are struggling to be helped and pushed to do better than what they think is their limit. There are people with very low motivation towards school so they should be helped.
I like Maui High School because of my teachers. They are very understanding, influential, and helpful people. My teachers go far and beyond than just teaching a subject in the classroom. They help us students to achieve things that we've would have never imagined, support us in various activities, and are also keep us safe. The student culture here at Maui High School is also very diverse, and enjoyable. Sports events are also very spirited, along with assemblies and spirit weeks.
Having to go to a school like Maui High gave me an opportunity to become a more self - reliant student and discover my interests through their pathways that would help me choose my career in the future.
Attending Maui High School helped me in many ways to be ready for college and that next step in my life. I cam from a catholic school and was intimidated by the size of maui high but as I joined this program called AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) which helped my transition from a small school to a big school. I met many of my friends that I still keep in touch with till this day. AVID was really a program that prepared you for college in every possible way. We learned how to communicate with our teachers early on so that we could become comfortable talking with our professors in college, we learned how to take quality notes, creating study groups, using the resources on campus and just communicating with our professors. . Maui High really did care about the success of all students.
What I liked the most about Maui High in my opinion, are the wide range of teachers that instruct their subject. Most teachers have been teaching for a while and know what they're doing a majority of the time.
Maui High overall is a school that strives for their students to succeed in life. Being that our motto is "College and Career Ready" is no lie. With the diversity of the students to the amazing and supportive staff, this school will indeed help you start your life away from high school.
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Maui High school is a very diverse and a good environment to work in. Throughout my high school career, I've enjoyed going to school here and getting to know some of the teachers that help us get through our here's here.
I feel that my experience at Maui High School was a very fun one. Many of the teachers that I've had show that they really care about their students, and they make learning fun. I've made a lot of new friends through band and my other classes.
My experience at Maui High School, was amazing. The teachers there really care about their students and will do all they can to help us succeed. Especially the counselors. They have been working with us since freshmen year to prepare us for college. They have great academics as well, which is why I transferred to this school immediately. & let’s not forget about our band, who has been asked to be at the rose parade. Or the baseball team being championships. The clubs are great at this school too! I was apart of deca, and as we would travel to Oahu we were back to back known as the “best DECA chapter”. Overall, like I said before this school is amazing.
The only thing I would probably change is to see more supplies for classes such as science classes or arts and communication classes, even business classes.
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