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The school is extremely small but you have the opportunity to still earn a good education. Classroom sizes are small but one on one education
Maud is a wonderful school district. The administration is amazing, the only downside being that they switch members almost every two years, but otherwise, they are wonderful. The teachers make sure that you learn to the best of your ability. The staff is amazing. The academics are the best part of the school. Sports are really great. The clubs and activities and well known. Maud makes sure that you are prepared for college.
The principal and the vice principal try their hardest to make sure the students are well-behaved and follow the dress code. When they see an issue that needs to be taken care of, they take care of it.
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There are several extracurricular activities for students to participate in. Each organization has a leader that goes above and beyond for the students.
The principle does not take into consideration, anything. He sides with teachers no matter what.
The school does not allow us to have gravy, sausage, french fries, or cheese. The school even had to start selling whole wheat chicken rings.
There are a few reasons that I would choose this school, and a few reasons why I wouldn't. As a senior in high school, it's pretty laid back this year. I have a few great teachers that I would love to come back and visit in the future. One of the reasons I have trouble wondering if I would choose this school all over again is that everyone knows everyone and all of their business. Drama is easily started, especially in a small school like Maud, Tx.
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