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Maud high school was just an okay school. The school was dirty, did not have a storm shelter, and the nearest cafeteria was all the way across town. There is only two or three good teachers in the school that make the kids want to learn.
I enjoy the small town environment, getting to know your teachers really helps your learning experience
My school very rarely has any kind of police or dog sweeps. We do have a nurse, but she only comes to our high school Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our callboxes work, but they don't reach to the science lab or our middle school, so I'm case of emergence someone has to walk outside into the open to get to the other side of campus to alert them. I don't necessarily feel safe at my school, but I know they try their hardest.
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There are close to no clubs at my school. Classmates of mine usually just go out for sports so there is no room for anything else. There is one other club called Students Working Against Tobacco, which is only during the day unless we are doing a community service activity.
My school may be small and may not have the best equipment but we have amazing students and faculty that stick together and tough out through bad times. I have had many bad experiences in school, but I have also had amazing experences, meeting friends, cheering on our teams, and learning the importance of youth and education. I love my school and all of the beautiful people in it, because when I'm there, in a strange way I feel as if I'm home.
The teachers at my school try their best to help the students. Maud is a small town so it is hard to incorporate technology when we don't have that much. My teachers still make it to where I understand and encourage me to push myself above and beyond what I thought I could do. The teachers at Maud are always ready to help someone who needs it.
They have the "Michele Obama" food, restriction on what we eat. We have a health class to teach us what we should or shouldn't eat. We are a small school. Eighty people in the high school give or take some. We don't need restrictions we've been taught how to eat.
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