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Lots of beneficial classes and programs offered. Helpful teachers & staff. Some sexism, especially in dress code.
I believe my high school has grown a lot over the years that I have attended and I would love to see it grow even more. Since we have recently gotten a new principal, the school has been friendlier and it has opened eyes in the school system and community to be kind to one another. I think we can grow even more and be more technologically advanced like some other schools since most kids respond to things like that. But overall I am glad I grew up in such an environment and wish the best for any other student that will attend Mattoon High School.
Mattoon High School is a great school because its not too big or too small, easy to navigate, all the teachers have your best interest in mind, and the administration is very helpful.
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Mattoon High School is a very good school and has amazing teachers that can connect with you and help you with whatever you need. The only thing I would change is to have a school resource officer permanently located at the high school.
My high school has decent teachers that seem to care, but also has some that just want to fail you. I didn’t hate my school, but the environment was more about sports than learning. On top of that there was a lot of bullying and not enough enforcing of the dress code. I would like for the teacher that don’t want to be there, not to teach there. I would also like to see someone do something about the bullying instead of blaming the victim. I would like to see students actually want to be there rather than run out screaming.
Mattoon High School is not a bad place. I think for a small town school it accepts many transfer students struggling to fit in. Not to mention it has so many clubs that are so accepting for students of all ages. I think the teachers also stick together the most. Teachers at MHS are always working together to make the school better and improve the environment.
Mattoon High School is an ok place, I wouldn't say its the best place but its decent. I would like to see change in the education place, like the teachers, I wish they cared a little bit more for their students.
Overall my experience with my school has very good. The teachers genuinely care about the students and want them to learn. They offer a lot of programs that help you get ready for the real world.
Mattoon High School has a large and well-funded athletics department, but it falls behind in the field of academics. Many sports are offered, but few extracurriculars are present. State funded programs are decent, but student organizations fall apart quickly due to little support. Funding goes mainly to new computers that are seldom used- despite the fact that our textbooks are falling apart and some ceilings have had leaks for years. The teachers are very friendly and most of them know much about what they teach. This school feels safe and bullying is seldom witnessed. However, many students are insecure about their chances of getting into a college. This is due mainly to poverty in the area, though it can be also attributed to what many students consider a poor education as compared to other schools. Overall, this high school is decent and does not present any major problems, but most students and many teachers feel that the school could be doing better.
I moved to Mattoon, IL & started attending Mattoon High School my junior year of high school. I enjoyed the classes & the teachers, most of which were very knowledgeable about their subjects, but there was something that I was disappointed about. The issue I had was that the counselor who enrolled me did not take the time to find out my interests or what I was intending to go to college for, which was healthcare. I didn't know that she needed this info as this was my first time moving to a new school and I was anxious & overwhelmed. She did not tell me about the different programs at the school offered and I found out after the fact that there was a work-study program where I could have graduated high school and received my CNA certification at the same time. By the time I found out it was too late to enroll. I didn't get involved in many of the clubs but I loved the graphic design classes. I did extracurricular work for that program and also the biology & chemistry classes.
It was a very good school. The teachers and counselors have always gave an effort to help and encourage success for students.
Mattoon High School likes to focus on sports rather than education. There are many great teachers, but the school wastes all of it's money on unnecessary items instead of working toward a better educational setting.
The students generally do not get along well; there's often arguments within grades and friendships that are often dealt with in a way that could be better. The teachers are kind and understanding, especially the dual credit teachers. They understand that the material is complicated, but they still except the best from us.
I liked how welcoming Mattoon High School was in my four years here. The clubs and activities as well as sports allowed me to get involved and really feel like my voice mattered in the school. The teachers are very positive and always interested in helping their students. The administration always makes decisions, as hard as they may be, for the safety and benefit of their students. Overall, I would not change my experience at MHS.
Mattoon High School is overall an alright school. Nothing about it is very good or bad. The worst part of the school is the behavior of the students. They are often disrespectful and rude to the other students, and kids are bullied fairly often. The students make the high school experience worse. The faculty and staff are quite nice though, I've met many teachers whom I would enjoy knowing for the rest of my life at Mattoon High School. Overall, my high school experience could have been better, but there's not much that can be done about the students' attitudes towards education.
I have a great four years at Mattoon High School. I have been involved in numerous amounts of clubs and sports. Although classes are challenging, they teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed. I have taken many dual credit classes that put me in an advantage when it comes to college.
I love how Mattoon High School has many different ways to get each and every student involved, whether it be sports, clubs, etc. I dislike some of the policies, such as no drinks in class, no coffee in the mornings, and the off campus lunch policy.
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Overall the education received from Mattoon High School was a good start to help continue my education throughout college. One of the things I would like to see is more courses to help students find a field that they like and for them to continue to learn about it through all their years attending the school.
I don't really know how to compare our school to others, this is a pretty small town. Parents who were involved in school events were usually really helpful and fun. A big thing that the school does offer is dual credit courses with the local college. It was nice to complete some basic college courses while at high school with very little cost for each credit. That can save a decent amount of money for college costs. I have no real complaints and overall it was a pretty good high school experience.
Some teachers are really good and make the lessons interesting, and you can tell they really like what they are doing and being a teacher. Others can be boring at times, but sometimes the subject is hard to make exciting.
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