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Mattituck Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Mattituck High School has a very small student body, and everybody knows everybody. Some people love our small town, others wish to escape it. Personally, I feel like I'm friends with the entire community and everybody is really close-knit. Sporting events typically have large turnouts and the school has exceptional lacrosse programs and has produced some outstanding wrestlers. The teachers are dedicated to helping their students excel and I've never abhorred any that I've had. I've developed great relationships with the overwhelming majority of my teachers. All in all, I think Mattituck High School would be a great place to send a child and I've enjoyed my time here so far.
It’s a small community. Everyone knows each other which is a positive and negative both at the same time. There are not that many AP courses that are offered. Recently the foreign language department was limited to only having the option to learn Spanish. We have some great High school sports teams. The girls Lax team went to states in 2017. The boys high school baseball team also went to states in 2017 and in 2016 we were State champs!
Mattituck Junior/Senior High School is a great place go for your education. All the teachers are extremely helpful to all the students and are always friendly to everyone. As well as most of the student body, extremely friendly as well as kind. This high school is extremely competitive in all of its varsity sports, the school is considered a powerhouse for many of its sports in its county.
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This school has been great! I have excelled here and have had multiple opportunities for art, music and academics. Teachers here really cared abut how I was doing. School also has a great service learning opportunity for a special diploma.
This school is focused on sports, however what it lacks in is the theatre and drama club/ departments. In this big school, it's hard to not make new friends, especially since most people meet new people everyday due to the large class sizes.
Mattituck High School is a great place for a student to find themselves. It is a very accepting school that encourages everyone to be themselves. Mattituck High School is even ranked one of the top high schools in Suffolk county and probably on Long Island.
Mattituck is a great place to have your education. There are so many different clubs and sports you can participate in and you can meet many different people. Many of the kids are really nice and almost everyone is friends with everyone. The teachers are amazing and willing to work with the students one and one. Coming out of this school I feel ready for college because of the AP classes that prepare you for college and the teachers that are there to help you whenever you need it.
For such a small town, this school is both innovative in its look as well as its academics. We have several unique programs such as Environmental, and The History of Rock and Roll.
Mattituck High School offers a small school experience with strong community support and great opportunities for sports, academics, and clubs.
Due to the town that we live in as well as the people around us not much security is required but I always feel safe despite that and would not be scared to go to school.
Many extracurricular activities that could apply to current day fields such as computer engineering or a robotics club are absent. Despite this all the activities that are offered are beyond what is required of them.
This school is unique in that it is much smaller than most which really provides the opportunity to have one on one time with teachers as well as the ability to know all your peers in various grades.
Many teachers are very kind and helpful to any student that is having issues and is willing to lend a hand to get students to a point where they are comfortable whether that is average or better.
Although the students at this school may be closed minded and downright mean, the majority of teachers at Mattituck make attending worth while. Overall, the teachers are kind, genuine people who sincerely care not only about your academic achievements, but your overall well-being. It is never very difficult to find a teacher at any time of the day, and they are always in their classrooms on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for extra-help hours whether you wish to review tests or concepts being learned about in class or simply have a conversation with them about how your day is going. In fact, every day of senior year I had a study hall during which I went to my favorite teacher's room where he would eat lunch at that time and we could talk, share ideas, videos, jokes, etc. To exceed academically is not difficult whether you are an excellent student or a poor student, for as long as the teachers can see that you are trying hard to understand the material by going to extra-help hours and speaking with them, you will do very well. The ability of the teachers at Mattituck should never be underestimated as they are what makes the school a positive, friendly environment.
I was an athlete and a mathlete. Both programs and very strong and very well run.
Great sense of learning. Huge emphasis on going to college.
Every teacher goes above and beyond to make sure each student is learning. Some teachers are old and others are better then some, however, the overall quality is exceptional.
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I had a great relationship with just about all my teachers. They were all engaging and interesting and willing to help. Sports were a huge part of my life and mattituck hs too, s that made it awesome.
Good school with strong academics, a lot of kids are in AP classes. Some kids are very competitive about grades. Some teachers and guidance counslers play favorites to students with sports scholarships and stuff. Teachers, especially science teachers, are all awesome. NJROTC is pretty big here.
It's alright. The best part is definitely the teachers, we're fortunate to not have many bad eggs. All are willing to help you out after hours and such.
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