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Mattie T. Blount High School Reviews

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Mattie T. Blount High is a verygooschool when it comes to academics and after school activities. They also show that they are proud of how you do in your classes and you can receive academic awards.
What i like about Mattie T. Blount is its like family. And and what can be improved about the school os more parent participation.
What I like about Blount is the diversity that it has; there are a lot of children from different races and cultures. I love all of the clubs and activities that we have there. It is always something to do there. If I could change something about Blount I would add a badminton team because that's one of the sports that we do not have
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It was a very fun school!! Everyone is like family. I would like to see them beef up security. There is not enough.
What i like about mattie t blount high school is everyone is treated the same and the teachers take their time, make sure all students are understanding what their teaching, and make sure the student are on track to graduats and ready for college.
Some things that I loved about attending Blount High School was the atmosphere. Blount High school is a very family oriented and traditional school, with loads of students with greatness who are attending and that are now proud graduates! I loved how not only could we get help with our work and be taught to better ourselves through education, our instructors also taught us lifelong lessons and told us awesome things that we still hold on to and use today. GO LEOPARDS! ONCE A LEOPARD ALWAYS A LEOPARD!!
I like the marching band at Blount High School. I would like to see that everyone could wear regular clothes instead of uniforms.
Blount high school is a very good school. We do a lot of positive things that nobody shows. We are a family and have a lot of school sprit. The teachers are very nice and helpful. Everyone always smiling and laughing and if you down it’s always somebody there to pick you up.
Mattie T. Blount High School is the best high school you could attend in Mobile County Public School System. first, We are very Diverse no. Matter of your race, religion, or social class. Here we are all alike standing proud in our purple and white. Second, we have the best Clubs & Activities. They or not only fun but they are a great way to help give back to your community, while striving to be the best you could be. My third reason for why I love my school as much as I could is,because while other schools main goal is to graduate every senior Blount's Teacher and Facility main goal is to graduate every senior college and career ready.
I love the school spirit as well as the seriousness in academics .I enjoy the opportunities that are provided here. I COULDNT SEE MYSELF ANY WERE ELSE!
Mattie T. Blount is by far the best school in mobile county. I would recommend anyone to attend. There was always something to keep the students ready to come to school and the teachers really care. The few things that I would change are the faculty should prep students for college a bit more than they do and they do not stress the fact that your GPA is extremely important even your ninth grade year. They told us nothing about scholarships unless you asked. The school focuses more on job readiness than college readiness.
My experience at Mattie T. Blount High School was the absolute best . I started there my ninth grade and continued through the twelfth I must say it has been a great journey . When it came to academics and sports we were always tuned in and ready to work . There is nothing I would say that I didn't enjoy about this school I wouldn't trade this school for nothing in the world
I am number six in my class. I am a very intelligent young female. I wish to be successful in the social work field. i am planning on attending Alabama A&M University. I will be graduating May 2017 from Mattie T. Blount High School. I wish to learn more and be able to explore more. Blount High school is the best school in Mobile county and will always be.I have enjoyed my time at Blount high and I will always be a Leopard! That statement should explain to you how great Mattie T. Blount High school is.
My experience at Mattie T. Blount High school as a senior is amazing. The teachers and staff are very helpful and are very concerned about our education. My loving principle and assistant principles are outstanding they take their job very seriously and keep every student on track. There are also things that I would change or want to be changed, one of thoes things are that the teachers offer extra tutoring and extra homework for practice. Another thing that I would change would be nothing because my experience at Blount high school are very precious . Starting from nineth grade it has really tramsformed me into a better student, Made my grades better and also taught me to be independent . I have succeeded and achieved my goals and I thank all the teachers who have helped me along the way.
This is a great website. If you are stuck between schools you should give niche a look because they have ALOT of good infrormation.
My experience at Blount High school has been excellent every since I started high school my freshman year up into my senior year. what I love about Blount High school is that everyone is treated like family. The staff and teachers are there for you in every step of the way. whether it's motivating you to do better or answering any question that you may need to ask. Seeing their students succeed and progress to the next level is what the teachers here at Blount High School are striving for. Making sure that all students are college and career ready by the time they graduate are one of the number one goals. I can personally say that I have learned so many new things every day here at school, whether its about academics or lessons about life. There has not been a day where I have came to school and not learn anything.
Blount have an art class, which is my favorite class ever. However, I would like to change the students mind about their future and how serious they need their education.
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At Blount high school our teachers and administrators are great! They enforce rules when they are broken, and build up wonderful relationships with us as students. This is good because it alows the students to relate with the teacher easier. Which helps the students learn8 g experience a lot less stressful.
They do their job as best as they can.
They know how too teach us the way we need to.
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