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Mattawoman Middle School Reviews

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I had a very interesting experience at this school, the teachers were okay yet the school itself was very poorly kept.
It was a typical “middle school experience”. Where everyone is learning to mange their time and trying to make friends. I transferred from being homeschooled to middle school and the transfer was hard but it was a good experience.
Our school has a lot of parents who don't really pay attention to what there child is doing or how they are doing. Some parents don't care some do, And most of the times it is because the mother is single and is drinking or smoking or getting into illegal involvements. The parents that come and support their child is only when the child finally got an award because the student has been involved with gangs outside of school or is smoking weed or is drinking alcohol or is
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The teachers at Mattawoman Middle School are ok. They help the students that want the proper help.
My overall experience was phenomenal. The sports, teachers, and education was excellent. The realistic elements of this school are what make it unique, as well as how it prepares students to go to high school. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over again because it was a overall fun experience and I learned a lot from attending this school.
Basketball court and football fields are the best
They know how kids are and work to help us out
Any type of issues they were resolved quickly!
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