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I feel that Mattawan High School is a rigorous and challenging school that has prepared me for college well. I would like to see teachers who are more passionate about what they are doing instead of coming to school to earn a paycheck.
Mattawan High School contains a rigorous curriculum which can be tough in certain aspects. Most teachers are great however some leave little to be desired. All classes that I have personally taken, except for one, has had great material in terms of what is taught. Overall this school will prepare you for future education and contains some unique qualities.
I like that all of the teachers are mostly there for us to help with studying and life issues but one thing I would like to see changed is the teachers can be unaware of what is happening in the school and they don't seem to notice the amount of things that can happen in the school bathroom
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Mattawan High School is, to put it simply, a problematic school. There are teachers who are not qualified for their jobs, staff members who gossip publicly about students, and quite a few student fights. Instead of spending money for the art/music activities, they spend money on are constantly losing football team. They don’t have enough money to give JV teams real uniforms, so students have to brainstorm to figure out how to get them. Luckily, sometimes the administrators can put there heads together and actually achieve something. There are a few teachers that actually want to help students succeed, and they deserve a pay raise. Without them, the whole school would fall apart and more foolibg around would happen. I’m sure that most schools have this problem and that’s why this school has an average rating. If they would just make sure that teachers had the necessary requirements to teach, everything would be better.
Mattawan cares very much about their students and supports their ideas and thoughts. One thing I would change about the school is a better heating/cooling system as the temperature can fluctuate greatly throughout the school in different classrooms.
In Mattawa High School everyone is very respectful and nice to each the teachers in the building support and help the students succeed towards the future. Things that I would like to change is the dress code they have in the school and how they make it the number one priority instead of the education.
This school has a negative and socially degrading environment. Peers are held at very high standards to each other and if one person does something wrong everyone finds a way to hold it against them. The students here are un-accepting of differences and are very small minded to other cultures, minds, and thoughts. Students are mean and find ways to constantly start drama. If I could change schools I would have done it a long time ago, dont let nice SAT scores fool you. This school is awful.
I loved the caring environment and how every staff member was ready and willing to help in whatever way they could. Also, the unique program opportunities here for volunteer and helping work was impressive and well established.
I feel my attendance at Mattawan High School has prepared me for college. The teachers are knowledgeable. Most of the classes are structured to ensure students have a full understanding of the subject by the end of the semester.
Mattawan provides a lot of very good educational opportunities, but is a too conservative at times and I can think of many situations where administrators have been unreasonable and not treated students as growing adult who can have valid opinions and thoughts.
great school. needs more diversity. more safety. There have been a few cases involved with racism. That most definitely needs to change. Also needs more diversity, there are more caucasians than non-caucasians.
I love the ongoing commitment by the teaching staff and the college readiness. Mattawan does a great job at getting you prepared for the real world.
Mattawan High School has given myself a great experience that I would likely recommend to others. Mattawan's academic program is one that has taught me how to apply my knowledge instead of encouraging memorizing and spouting facts on a test or exam.
The teachers push you hard and prepare you for college like tasks. School is very strong about safety and has updated there facilities.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Mattawan High School. The teaching staff is excellent and as I student I always felt cared for as more than just a test score. Mattawan is committed to excellence and I would say that for the majority of the student population, they successfully achieve that goal. I didn't realize until I started college how well my time at Mattawan prepared me for a college workload. My only complaint is the pressure put on students to attend college and get a four-year degree; I don't feel that path is for everyone, and there were no other options presented that were deemed viable for living a successful life.
Mattawan High School is great wonderful school with an amazing culture and community. However, there is one major downside it. It lacks diversity, because 95% of the kids there being caucasian and is a community that was built essentially on the White Flight movement.
The curriculum is great, it really has prepared me for college with how intense the classes are. The teachers really care and are always there for extra help after school. The choir program is great, but the school should put more funding towards it.
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Mattawan has some of the best teachers in the State. The academics can be tenacious, but the teachers and stuff help push the students to do their absolute best.
I really like Mattawan. I feel like the school has given me a great opportunity to explore what classes and subjects I would potentially want to go into, and the classes at challenging enough for me.
I love Mattawan High School! The academics are appropriate for all levels of students and there are plenty of opportunities, both extracurricular and academic. The band program is particularly amazing.
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