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I liked the 1 on 1 I got, but I did not like the way they played around and used as experiments trying to figure out a grade system they were fine with.
I enjoyed attending Mattanawcook Academy for the two years I had. I made friends that I will have my entire life. Though, it was frustrating for me to not be able to be apart of NHS when I have a very high GPA. Also, it was irritating to watch my sisters graduation and see all of the local scholarships go to relatives or closley related people attached to the scholarship or whoever was giving them out.
It was a pretty good experience, I previously went to Hampden Academy where the teachers are not personal at all. But the teachers at MA care about you and your life. The only thing is that there are some crappy teachers and some great ones. But overall Pretty Good.
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I absolutely hate the "proficiency-based" grading system. As an honor roll student, it has made my life incredibly difficult to keep myself to my standards. It seems that the school wants everyone on an equal playing field. No one great, no one bad. Just average.
I like that if you are struggling, there is always someone that is willing to help you even if they don’t know anything about the subject. The faculty here are amazing. Something I am not a big fan of at MA is the number of times a person can retake a test to get a grade. One can take a test the first time, fail, and then get many other chances to pass it. Personally I think that is unfair because there are other people that actually studied for the test that will actually try to pass it, then there are others that will just look at it the first time to see the content of it and then take it the second time already knowing about what’s going to be on it.
I like the tight-knit community here at Mattanawcook Academy. However, the grading system and "habits of mind" practice here devalues a student's diploma and education.
I went to school here for 4 years, and I feel as though the teachers are all there for the students. The coaches do more than just coach, they try to make you better people. For college readiness they really need work. It holds the hand of students too much when they should be making them more independent. The administration at times tries to do too much, and tries to take over instead seeing things through for the students.
There isn't much security in place, however there's not really a need for it.
There are a lot of students involved in the sports programs, however outside of that there isn't much. Pretty much just drama club.
This school isn't awful, but it's far from great.
There is a mix of really good and really bad teachers. Some of the teachers are out of the door as soon as the last bell has rung, others stick around to help out students or student organizations/sports.
School was pretty good my first three years but my senior year things changed it was difficult to learn and know you could put in 100% and someone 0% and you get the same grade
Most arr very helpful with work anf finding different teaching way to help you, but others are not understanding at all and with our new grading system its hard to learn
Not a lot of variety in course offerings for students.
Bullying isn't taken care of.
Our grading system is terrible this year. WE switched to standards based and every student puts off all of their work "because there is no due dates" and no penalty to passing in late work.
Rumors spread like wild fire. The administration does nothing about bullying, especially online.
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We have a lot of sports but not many different clubs that could actually be beneficial to our future.
I wouldn't go back because the students are cruel.
I had good experiences with my teachers when I went to this school.
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