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My school has great school spirit. Everyone is always willing to help each other. The teachers and staff really care about the students. I have an amazing high school experience. An area of improvement needed would be more college readiness focused groups and workshops for the students. It would also be nice to have more counselors available.
Has teachers that make learning impactful and fun! The IT Specialty Center at Matoaca High School allows students to take their ideas and make them a reality.
Great experience overall. Teachers are helpful and so is administration. Learned a lot from being here and going to miss it.
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Matoaca is a great school and the Administrator's are fantastic. I have really enjoyed my time here at Matoaca. There are lots of activities and clubs for all types of students.
I like Matoaca a lot . The academics where good for me. My teachers where mostly good. I played soccer and that made me have a lot of good friends. All of the administrators where so nice and so understanding. the only thing I would love to see a change is the cafeteria food . Most of the food is poorly nutritious for us. Other than that it's a great school and I am proud to be a warrior
I love the school spirit at Matoaca. If I had to turn around and redo my four years, I definitely would. I enjoyed everything about the school. The teachers really seemed to care about you, the students are friendly, and the school rivalries are taken very seriously. I loved my school, no doubt!
It was better when I went there. Mr. Cunningham was a great principal. I may be biased because he was mine, but all-in-all, it’s a good school. There is a lot of pride that comes with saying you went here. Most teachers are former students as well
Matoaca is a comprehensive high school with a diverse student body of approximately 1800 students in grades 9-12. The school has a faculty of over 125 teachers, 6 counselors, 3 librarians, and 5 administrators. Matoaca is on a 7-period alternating block schedule, which consists of six 90-minute classes (periods 2-7) meeting on an alternating odd/even day basis, while the first period meets daily for 50 minutes. Matoaca houses the Center for Teaching and Learning through Technology. This specialty center is open to students throughout the county via an application process. There are over 50 clubs and organizations available for student participation. The school is accredited through the Virginia Department of Education and No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Students compete on academic and athletic teams in the Group AAA - Central District of the Virginia High School League (VHSL).
What I like about my school is they make you feel welcomed everyday you step foot through the doors of the school, everyone is treated the same , with respect, care & love and that’s what I like about it
Matoaca High School is a very diverse school who welcomes everyone with open arms. The staff and faculty at Matoaca High School are very helpful and strive to see everyone succeed.
Here at Matoaca we have Warrior Pride in everything we do. Our faculty and staff make sure we have the best education and push us to do great things. 88% of our students get into college and the other 12% learn a trade. Our sports teams are outstanding, we always beat our rivals at Thomas Dale because many they suck. We have the best clubs. We have the largest FBLA club in the region. Many students from DECA competed at States and are going to Nationals.
As a student at Thomas Dale HS I have found Matoaca to be superior in almost ervry way. The Sports and stuff is so much better than ours and there students are super happy all the time whenever Im around them. I always am jelous of my friends who went to Matoaca because I couldnt go. The teachers are super nice and the sports always do good.
I like the ways the schedule and system works with me. I dislike not being able to feel comfortable most of the time
I loved the teachers, they strive to connect and support their students. While the school itself is not the cleanest, it's a comfortable environment to learn in. You likely won't be stuck in a classroom as the school invites outside time. I had some medical problems and my counselor fought for what I needed. While there has been some problems with getting the classes I needed/wanted to add or drop, they will be accommodating with the right need.
I'm currently a senior here and it's a wonderful school and the teachers are great but when it comes to the students acting right they lack home training and fight too often but teachers and administrator do well with trying to prevent and or break it up; other than that I had a great four years but still can't wait to graduate
The school is so diverse. We also have teachers who care and are dedicated to their job. Students have so many opportunities. We have resources that really prepare us for the real world.
Matoaca High school is a very healthy environment to learn in. The students are well mannered and teachers always willing to help. If there are ever any issues with yourself or another individual our administration does not hesitate to get on the problem. The people are friendly and its very easy to make friends if you are someone coming from another school.
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I really like Matoaca it’s fun a little bit but the students are a bit out of control but the learning is good I managed to have a B average in all my classes the teachers are very supportive Ive grown a bond with quite a few of my teachers. Matoaca helped me with college and helped me pass my Cte test now ill have a stamp on my diploma. Matoaca is a great school.
Fantastic teachers who are both supportive and challenging, and generally have the best intentions in mind for students who are looking to excel.
Matoaca is the place where you make new friends and experience new challenges. You never know what you’re going to learn but,the teachers makes it interesting by capturing your interest.
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